Tokyo Performance Doll Gives a History Lesson on Cute in New SNOW Video!
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Take a trip back in Japanese girls’ history as Tokyo Performance Doll show off the ways that young women would use to pose cutely in photos in a video part of the SNOW x NTT DoCoMo “Morubamu” (a combination of “moru” 盛る slang for “stylish” combined with album) campaign for Spring 2017!

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Showing off a new choreography set to their song “PEOPLE”, the 9 members of Tokyo Performance Doll count down from 2016 all the way until 1684 (Did they even have cameras back then? Wood block prints?) while demonstrating the fashions and poses used by young women of those eras. With the popularity of the mobile app SNOW, Japanese girls (and boys) can use technology to make themselves cuter, no matter which pose they choose! With graduation season in Japan approaching, taking cute photos will be very important for many young people.

Tokyo Performance Doll’s 1st album “WE ARE TPD” was released on January 18 in 4 limited editions and a regular version.

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