Tomomi Kasai Runs Towards the Future in the MV for “STAR-T!” From 1st Album!

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Tomomi Kasai Runs Towards the Future in the MV for “STAR-T!” From 1st Album!

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Former AKB48 member Tomomi Kasai ventures into the unknown with the MV for “STAR-T!” from her 1st album “STAR-T!” (release date: November 15)!

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Tomomi’s morning routine is interrupted when the door leading to her bathroom ends up teleporting her to an airfield. Initially panicking and running back to the safety of her apartment, she eventually gathers the courage to return and begin her new journey. In addition to being her first release in 3 years, it’s also the first on her new record label KING RECORDS.

“STAR-T!” will be released in a CD/DVD version (Type-A) and a CD version (Type-B). Type-A includes the MVs for “Masaka”, “Mine”, “Kietai Kurai”, “Ima Sarasara”, and “STAR-T!”, as well as the making of video for “STAR-T!”. It will also includes a 2018 desktop calendar and arrives in a special package. Track 10 for both versions is different: “No Return” (Type-A) and “Disoder” (Type-B). Type-B includes 1 of 5 randomly selected photographs. Both version include event tickets. Tomomi will also be celebrating her birthday with a pair of event at SHIBUYA THE GAME on November 23, 2017.

Track List
01 Masaka
02 Candy
03 Watashi no Hikari
04 Mine
05 Kietai Kurai
06 Touch Me!
07 Ima Sarasara
08 Joshuseki RAIN
09 Saigo no Namida
10 No Return (Type-A) Disoder (Type-B)
11 STAR-T!
12 Gyutto!

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Tomomi Kasai 1st Album “STAR-T!” Talk Show
November 23, 2017 (Thursday)
Open – 2:30pm Start – 3:00pm
3,000 yen (+1 drink minimum)

Tomomi Kasai Birthday Party 2017
November 23, 2017 (Thursday)
Open – 5:30pm Start – 6:00pm
5,500 yen (+1 drink minimum)

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