Tomomi Itano Wants You to “Gimme Gimme Luv” in the MV for her Summer Party Tune!

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Tomomi Itano Wants You to “Gimme Gimme Luv” in the MV for her Summer Party Tune!

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Tomomi Itano has unwrapped the MV for her 7th single “Gimme Gimme Luv” (release date: July 1) and you better put on some body armor because she’s coming to “shoot down all your heart”!

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With 5 different costumes and flashing lights exploding out of the monitors on the walls, “Gimme Gimme Luv” is a multilayered assault on the senses. The music is a Latin-flavored electro-pop dance song with a driving beat. If you bought the Type-B version of Itano’s previous single “COME PARTY!”, you might be tempted to grab that whistle that came with it and blow while you dance along. Do it!

According to a tweet by Itano announcing the MV, some of the highlights of the choreography are how the first part has a very masculine dance and the second part is very feminine and sexy. Of course, the part where she beckons the viewers to some closer during the hook of the song is not to be missed as well!

“Gimme Gimme Luv” will be released in 3 versions: Type-A CD/DVD version, Type-B “GOODS” version, and a CD-only regular version. The DVD for Type-A has the MV for “Gimme Gimme Luv” and the coupling song is titled “Queen Bee”. Type-B comes with a special “GGL Pistol” just like the one used in the video and the coupling song is titled “Belly Dancer”. The regular version includes both coupling songs along with “Gimme Gimme Luv”. Going with the theme of a summer party song, Itano appears on the covers of the different versions in a red bikini while posing with the “GGL Pistol”.


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