Tomomi Itano’s Busy Birthday Week! New Single and Photobook! Seaside Radio Broadcast! Ageha!

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Tomomi Itano’s Busy Birthday Week! New Single and Photobook! Seaside Radio Broadcast! Ageha!

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Tomomi Itano is welcoming her 24th year with a whirlwind of events that could rival the rainstorms that have been blowing across Japan this week. Her 10th anniversary photobook Luv U♡ goes on sale on her 24th birthday (July 3), just 2 days after her 7th single “Gimme Gimme Luv” (release date: July 1) hit shelves!

The subtitle of “Luv U♡” is “On the 10th anniversary of her debut, she lays her heart bare for the first time. Tomomi Itano, no makeup only.” (デビュー10周年の彼女が初めて見せた心のスッピ。板野友美、素顔だけ。). The cover picture of Itano has her smiling without makeup on her eyes, revealing a more natural side of her. The inside of the book has more of these pictures as well as photos taken by Itano herself.


On the release day of her single “Gimme Gimme Luv”, Itano went to MILK CAFÉ with NANANA BEACH located on Yuigahama beach in Kanagawa prefecture to have a public recording of her regular radio show “Itano Tomomi no Uta-jo”. Because it is a beachside cafe, she showed up in a bikini to do the radio show but, continuing with her knack for attracting bad weather during promotional events, the weather was quite stormy. In spite of the less than ideal conditions, there was a strong showing of support by the fans who gathered that day. Itano also received a fruit arrangement and posed with the lovely staff while they held the special “GGL Pistols” that come packaged with the Type-B version of “Gimme Gimme Luv”.

As if that wasn’t enough, Itano is the special guest for AgePa (Ageha Girls Up Party) on her birthday! Admission is free for all girls and there is a shuttle bus running between Shibuya and Ageha from 11:30pm until 5:00am so why not come party with Tomochin tonight?


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