Light Up Your Winter: Top 7 Illuminations in Tokyo!

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Light Up Your Winter: Top 7 Illuminations in Tokyo!

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There’s just about a month till the New Year! Why not spend that time creating more memories with your friends, family, and loved ones? My recommendation is to immerse yourself into the romantic atmosphere created by thousands and millions of lights all over Tokyo!

青の洞窟 SHIBUYA (Ao no Doukutsu)


“Ao no Doukutsu” means blue cave. As the name suggests, the area will be filled with beautiful blue lights which will make you feel like you are not in Shibuya. Many small stalls will be selling food and drinks, so the atmosphere is like a festival!

TIME: November 22 – December 31 (5pm-10pm)

PLACE: Around Yoyogi park

Official Website:


Baccarat ETERNAL LIGHTS -歓びのかたち-

(Shape of Happiness)

Yebisu Garden Place is very famous for being the filming location of Hana Yori Dango (Boys over Flowers). It’s the very place where Tsuakasa and Tsukushi met up for their first date. The biggest baccarat chandelier in the world will take you into the gorgeous and rich world of Yebisu!

TIME: November 3 – January 8 (4pm-12am)

PLACE: Yebisu Garden Place

Official Website:


Yomiuriland Jewellumination

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This amusement park will be decorated with jewelry made from lights! You can enjoy both the thrilling roller coasters and the beautiful scenery. The recommendation is Jewelry Aurora which is the largest Ferris wheel in the Tokyo area. You can see Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower from there!

TIME: October 12 – February 18 (4pm-8:80pm until 9pm during December 16-25)

PLACE: Yomiuriland

Official Website:


Caretta Illumination 2017 ~ 真実の愛の物語 ~ (Story of True Love)

This light show recreates scenes from 2017’s big hit film, “Beauty and the Beast”. The whole area of Caretta will be so photogenic that you wouldn’t want to miss it! Don’t forget to #カレッタイルミ2017 to get exclusive products of “Beauty and the Beast” and coupons for Caretta!

TIME: November 16 – February 14 (5pm-11pm from 6pm during January and February)

PLACE: Caretta Shiodome

Official Website:



Contributor Wanted!!

Space travel is the theme for 2017 at Tokyo Midtown with the light shows changing daily. For example, on Monday, you can see lights expressing the moon and on Tuesday, it’ll be Mars. You can vote for which theme you liked the most to select which one will be shown during December 23-25. You can join the illumination tour to hear the stories behind the scenes. Some tours will be conducted in English.

TIME: November 15 – December 24 (5pm-11pm)

PLACE: Roppongi

Official Website:


Tokyo Michiterasu 2017

In 2016, Michiterasu was a trending topic for its collaboration with Kimi no na wa (Your name), and for 2017 it will collaborate with Nicolai Bergmann, a very famous flower artist in Japan. The theme is set as  “Celebration!” to commemorate the anniversary of Shinmaru building, Marunouchi building, Tokyo International Forum and grand opening of the plaza in front of Tokyo Station.

TIME: December 24 – December 28 (Schedule may change.)
PLACE: Around Tokyo station and Marunouchu area
Official Website:


Megurogawa MINNA no ILLUMI 2017

Meguro River is famous for the beautiful cheery blossoms during spring, but you can also see them during winter! Winter’s sakura created by pink LED lights is using eco-friendly materials to generate electricity for the illumination. Let’s compare the sakura of spring and winter!

TIME: November 10 – January 8 (5pm-11pm)

PLACE: Shinagawa-ku Gotanda Fureai Park

Official Website:


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