5 Cafes in Tokyo That Are Pretty in Pink

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5 Cafes in Tokyo That Are Pretty in Pink

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In an era where it’s a constant challenge for cafes and restaurants to push their Insta-worthy appeal, appearances are everything. From the interior design to the color scheme to every small decoration, cafes put a lot of work into presenting themselves in the most attractive way possible. There are however, some places who went by a simple strategy: make everything pink. With that one color, they manage to attract customers to their sweet space.

Alfred’s Tea Room

In the already trendy community of tapioca milk tea establishments, Alfred’s Tea Room is a style icon. It dresses its brand, shops and products entirely in millennial pink, a sweet shade that people have been swooning over. Their menu completes the color scheme, crowned by the signature Alfred Pink Drink that comes in the representative pink. Hold it up against any part of the shop’s interior, and you’ll have a wonderfully girly picture. Alfred’s Tea Room knows what attracts a girl’s eyes, and their shop space is representative of their trendy character.

Locations: Aoyama, Shinjuku

Official website:


It’s no surprise that Honey mi Honey is a stone’s throw away from Harajuku—the place is the definition of kawaii, with its bubblegum pink walls and tables. Originally a clothing brand, there’s no denying the excellent sense of style that carried over to their cafe. Taking on the concept of a pink hotel, you’ll want to make yourself at home in this playful space. Step inside and you’ll find giant strawberry ice cream models, pink neon signs and matching pink tableware. They went all out with the theme, creating a dreamy wonderland you’ll want to melt into.

Address: Harajuku Akane Building 2F, Jingumae 6-2-6, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Official website:



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The French are known for their chic style, and this casual French restaurant in Nihonbashi proves that. Brasserie D & Sweetroom takes their name seriously—one of the most striking features of their restaurant space is the array of bright pink tables and chairs that takes up most of the space. Diners can sit in sweet pink chairs and booths, feeling every bit of the feminine charm that this restaurant takes pride in. Whether it’s a casual lunch with friends or a once-in-a-lifetime wedding reception, there is no doubt that a pink restaurant is the place to make memories.

Address: 2-4-3 Nihonbashi-muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Official website:

Eddy’s Ice Cream

It’s all pop and pink at Eddy’s Ice Cream, where the walls and the decorations and the ice cream itself drip with sugary cuteness. The young ice cream shop in Harajuku is very clear with their aesthetic, grabbing the attention of passers-by with their vivid colors and quirky ornaments. Their ice cream is art to behold in itself, but its the pink interior that completes the experience. Or should we say, photo opportunity—this is the kind of place that leads the dessert trend in Japan. In this shop, every corner is pink and therefore worthy of your camera.

Address: 4-26-28 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Official website:

Sweet Twist

Shimokitazawa is the place to be for the fashionable kids of Tokyo, teeming with everything from quirky vintage thrift stores to cute cafes that crown the trends of social media. Sweet Twist is a small ice cream shop with a big heart, so exemplified by their distinctively pink decor. The doorway in the entrance is immediately pink, inviting you in to taste Sweet Twist’s kitschy charm. It’s a treasure chest of girly treats and trinkets. There’s no sweeter place to have a cup of all-natural gelato, so make a trip down to Shimokitazawa to search for this ice cream shop. You can’t miss the pink door.

Address: 3-26-3 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Official website:

If your favorite color is pink, there’s no question about checking out these places. Even if it isn’t, chances are you’ll still be taken in by the genuine sweetness of these places. Good dessert is one thing, but having it surrounded by pink walls and frills is another. It’s amazing how much charisma one color can have.

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