Ciao Bella Cinquetti Release 1sr Digital Single and Hold Press Conference with “Fans”?

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Ciao Bella Cinquetti Release 1sr Digital Single and  Hold Press Conference with “Fans”?

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Ciao Bella Cinquetti held an event “1st Drgital Single “Nandomo Nandomo…” Minna de Happyou Kishakaiken” on December 13, 2017. The single will be released on December 20, 2017!

There gathered 50 fans chosen by lot from those who downloaded the single on December 13th, the pre-release day. The single attained the 1st place for Rekochoku Album Daily Ranking on the day.


The fans joined this event as a reporter and released the information via Twitter. Robin kicked off the event saying “Please take photos of us as cute as possible”. Hashimoto added “It depends on your photos whether our group will become bigger or not”.

The MV was revealed there and it was the first time for the members and fans to see the MV. The MV focuses on the image shots taken outside and band scene including Draft King playing instrument on their concert tour. The MV directly shows what they are now.

After watching the MV, the fans threw many questions to the members.

Fans: Which part of the song you want to listen to carefully?
Goto: My part was recorded only once, so it would sound like Rock music.
Hashimoto: We recorded the scream from our soul at the end of song.
Moroduka: Thinking what we have felt so far, I put emotions in my voice.
Robin: We did its choreography ourselves and it includes many of choreography used in the previous songs.


Fans: Did you make any commitment this time as you did last time?
Robin: I have uploaded my blog everyday and the number of readers is increasing.
Goto: I practiced Yoga to train body inner muscles.
Hashimoto: My aesthetic is not to ploclaim such things so…(laugh)
Moroduka: I remind of Nakano Sun Plaza when I sleep in.


The fans take their photos like a real news conference and the event rushed into the live part. The members performed the new single “Nandomo nandomo…” and “Love!Mousou Rhapsody♪”. Robin talked that this song can be sung by us who experienced many things for 12 years. The fasn report can be read in this hashtag #チャオベラみんなで発表記者会見 .The members saw the audience off from the venue and this heartwarming event finished in about a hour.


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