Not Your Regular Hotel: 4 Unique Accommodations in Tokyo

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Not Your Regular Hotel: 4 Unique Accommodations in Tokyo

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If you’re coming all the way to Tokyo, why not make sure you enjoy it right down to your accommodation? Sure you may be spending most of your time exploring, but you can still complete your experience by staying at a unique place that isn’t just another hotel. In Tokyo there are plenty of unusual places to spend the night at, some of which you might never have imagined staying at. From creative concepts to unexpected venues, these places will make your trip even more memorable.

Train Hostel Hokutosei

Modeled after the Hokutosei limited express sleeping car train that ran for almost three decades until it was discontinued, this unusual hostel lets visitors feel as if they are sleeping on a real train. The journey still continues even when you reach your accommodation, as you board the train and get ready to sleep on board for the night. The bunk beds are exactly like the ones that were on the Hokutosei train, so you can soak in the experience of a long train journey once beloved by people all over Japan.

Address: 103-0002 Tokyo Prefecture Chuo-ku Nihonbashi Bakuro-cho 1-10-12

Official website:

Samurais Hostel

Samurai may be a class of the past, but the fearsome name they left behind in history still remains today. Samurais Hostel pays tribute to ancient Japan, having renovated the interior of the hostel to resemble that of a majestic castle. A formidable body of samurai armour greets you at the entrance, silently permitting your entrance into these regal quarters. This is the pride of the hostel, made by artisan craftsmen in Kagoshima and modeled after a warlord’s armor. Once you enter, you’ll find the rooms decorated in three designs: the Matsu tree, ninja and Mount Fuji. You certainly won’t be sleeping in your average no-frills hostel as you’re surrounded by beautiful traditional art and patterns, boldly splashed across the walls and delicately drawn into the smallest corners.

Address: 3 Chome-52-12 Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo 170-0014

Official website:


This cozy accommodation is a dream come true for bookworms, who can come back and settle down for the night to all the books they could possibly want around them. Book and Bed designs their experience around the concept of reading yourself to sleep—a blissful, one-of-a-kind treat that lets readers go to bed surrounded by books, books and more books. If you’ve ever wanted to sleep in a library, this is your chance to do so. Guests have the choice of beds, or bunks tucked into the bookshelves. There’s everything you’d need for a good night’s sleep like bedroom slippers and curtains and, of course, a reading lamp.

Locations: Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Asakusa

Official website:

Cat’s Inn Tokyo

Love cats but can’t keep them at home? This is the perfect opportunity to be a cat owner for the night! Cat’s Inn Tokyo is a cat cafe that offers the rare experience of staying the night in their facility, where you’ll take care of the foster cats that live on the premises. Upon checking in you’ll have to go through a briefing to learn how to care for them, and then you’ll have the night to yourself and the cats.

Note: The accommodation option is only for females and children above elementary school age.

Address: 52-2 Miyamotochō, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-0054

Official website:

These are great options if you’re looking to spice up your trip to Tokyo! Whether it’s going back in time to the feudal era or becoming a temporary cat owner, these places will make sure the fun doesn’t just stop at the end of the day.

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