Let’s Gather at Odaiba in This Summer! The Release of The Global Tickets for TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2018

Let’s Gather at Odaiba in This Summer! The Release of The Global Tickets for TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2018

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TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2018, the 9th edition of the yearly event, will be held at the Aomi area in Odaiba from August 3rd to 5th 2018.


Once again this year Rino Sashihara will reprise her role as chairman. To date, 57 idol groups have been announced to perform.

Rino Sashihara_TIF2018_AS

From April 27th ticket sales of TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2018 for oversea residents started.

The largest idol event in the world, TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2018. How many idol groups will we see this year? Stay tuned for upcoming announcements!

August 3, 2018(Friday) to August 5, 2018(Sunday)
Odaiba, Aomi area (Tokyo)
Chairman- Rino Sashihara
Akishibu project, UPUPGIRLS (KARI), amiinA, Ayumikurikamaki, IVOLVE, =LOVE, OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO, Kamiyado, Gallop+, Kyusyu Girls Wing, Good Tears, Sakura Ebi-zu, Someday Somewhere, Shine Fine Movement, Jewel☆Rouge, Shuucream Rockets, Junjou no Afilia, Pure Coffeee Latte, SHIN GEKI, Zettaichokkyujoshi! Playballs, sora tob sakana, Aozora Sorano, Task have Fun, Tsubaki Factory, TsuriBit, Tenkoushoujo Kagekidan, Nanaland, Nankini!, 26-ji no Masquerade, Niji no Conquistador, Nidaime HAPPY Shoujo, NEO JAPONISM, Negicco, PASSPO☆, Hachimitsu Rocket, Happy Kurukuru, Parfait, Pandamic, PiXMiX, Dance for Philosophy, FES☆TIVE, Fudanjuku, Fleurette, predia, Mazerunakiken, Maneki Kecha, Maison book girl, monogatari, Yamakatsu, you’ll Melt More!, Love Cocchi, Lovely☆DOLL, LaLuce, LinQ, Luce Twinkle Wink☆, ONEPIXEL, ・・・・・・・・・, and more

Global Ticket

3days ticket 18,150yen(Includes 10% handling fee)
1day ticket  7,700yen(Includes 10% handling fee)

[3Days TICKET]
Ticket purchase page
[1Day TICKET August 3rd (Fri)]
Ticket purchase page
[1Day TICKET August 4th (Sat)]
Ticket purchase page
[1Day TICKET August 5th (Sun)]
Ticket purchase page

Reception period:April 27(Friday) 12pm to July 29 (Sunday) 11:59pm
※Only a person of overseas residence can buy.

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