NMB48 Appear at Tokyo Idol Festival 2018!

NMB48 Appear at Tokyo Idol Festival 2018!

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TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2018 announced that the NMB48 will appear at the event! This is the first time the group makes appearance at the event.

Cattleya-gumi, the unit formed around the 5th generation member Ayaka Yamamoto, will perform during the second day on August 4.

NMB48 member Ayaka Yamamoto’s comment:

NMB48_Ayaka Yamamoto_AS_2018

“Our first performance at TIF! I’m really happy! Thank you so much.
I’m looking forward to the honor of being able to perform together with so many idols.
This time Cattleya-gumi, of which some members are new to NMB48, will be performing.
I want to share our spirit and richly unique charms with everyone, including those who are coming for the time.
We’ll make ours the most fired up stage so please come to see us!
Let’s make the best memories of this summer.
We’ll show you the spirit of NMB!”

Cattleya-gumi member:
Erina Ando, Kanae Iso, Momoka Iwata, Azusa Uemura, Cocona Umeyama, Karin Kojima, Rika Shimizu, Rei Jonishi, Sara Takei, Mion Nakagawa, Shion Hori, Yuzuha Hongo, Shiori Mizuta, Momone Yasuda, Suzu Yamada, Ayaka Yamamoto

August 3, 2018(Friday) to August 5, 2018(Sunday)
Odaiba, Aomi area (Tokyo)

Global Ticket

3days ticket 18,150yen(Includes 10% handling fee)
1day ticket  7,700yen(Includes 10% handling fee)

[3Days TICKET]
Ticket purchase page
[1Day TICKET August 3rd (Fri)]
Ticket purchase page
[1Day TICKET August 4th (Sat)]
Ticket purchase page
[1Day TICKET August 5th (Sun)]
Ticket purchase page

Reception period:April 27(Friday) 12pm to July 29 (Sunday) 11:59pm
※Only a person of overseas residence can buy.

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