Doomsday at Tokyo Dome: BABYMETAL Legend Metal Resistance RED NIGHT/BLACK NIGHT

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Doomsday at Tokyo Dome: BABYMETAL Legend Metal Resistance RED NIGHT/BLACK NIGHT

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BABYMETAL completed their WORLD TOUR 2016 with 2 sold out nights at Tokyo Dome, with 110,000 attending even with one of the biggest typhoons of the season making land in Japan on September 19th and 20th. A total of 450,000 in 8 different countries attended “BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2016”.


The first day of the Tokyo Dome concert, which was held on September 19th (Monday), titled RED NIGHT, was comprised of 13 songs mainly from their second album, “Metal Resistance”. SU-METAL, YUI-METAL, and MOA-METAL, appeared at the central stage with the flag of BABYMETAL symbol in black and gold outfits, starting off with “Road of Resistance”. Some of their iconic songs such as “Gimme Chocolate!!” and “KARATE” were also performed powerfully, exciting the audience. RED NIGHT closed with the song, “THE ONE – English Ver. -,” and the neck braces that were handed out to the audience members at the entrance, lit up as they roared along with the anthem.


The second day of the Tokyo Dome concert BLACK NIGHT, was held as the typhoon made its way across mainland Japan on September 20th. Also, unlike the previous day which was a holiday, was held on a weekday. Although there were many people who were busy with their daily work and school lives, it provided little resistance to them returning for the very last day of BABYMETAL’s performance. The second day opened with “BABYMETAL DEATH,” the trio in their iconic black and red outfits. This focused on the songs from the first album, “BABYMETAL” including songs like “Doki Doki Morning,” “Headbangya” and “Megitsune” were performed in sequence to urge on the audiences. Like the first day performance, the audience were handed the neck braces and it lighted to red, as the runways for SU-METAL, YUI-METAL, and MOA-METAL also lighted red as if its blazing. The members climbed up on the stage up in the air and the members and the audience roared out together “WE ARE! BABYMETAL!”. SU-METAL banging a gong which echoed through the Dome.


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