Chisato Okai (℃-ute) Interview Part 2 Supported by Tokyo Idol Project!  

Chisato Okai (℃-ute) Interview Part 2 Supported by Tokyo Idol Project!	 

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Tokyo Idol Hyakkei is a series to have famous idols introduce their special place in Tokyo. Today’ s article is the interview with Chiato Okai(℃-ute). This is the second half to the interview with her.

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Sayumi Michishige shows with attitude

-Do you check what is going on with other groups?

I check songs released by other groups of Hello! Project. Recently, I often hear songs of ANGERME in Shibuya. Every time I’m in Shibuya, I hear their songs, so I always feel a bit frustrated and put my earphones on.

-But if you put your earphones on you can’t hear the song.

My feelings as a rival group makes me do this. I have also seen posters of Country Girls in Shibuya too. I’m impressed with Momochi (Momoko Tsugunaga) since they have only debuted recently. We’ve had our posters up too before, but that’s already a few years ago. When I say things like this, fans tell me that I don’t need to show my rivalry against other groups of Hello!Project, but I feel that we are still rivals even if we belong to the same Hello!Project.

-Within Hello!Project, I think Sayumi Michishige is a very important person. Has the atmosphere changed before and after her graduation?

When Sayumi was in Morning Musume, the atmosphere was totally different, with her just being there. She showed with attitude, not by words and made others feel “I should do this because Sayumi did this.”. On TV, she was always saying “Don’t you think I’m cute?” but when you said to her in person that she was cute, she would always deny it, feeling a bit embarrassed.

-You learned “the ways of an idol” from her.

I want to be like her too. However ℃-ute are wimps. We have been performing for 13 years, but the years have made us unable to believe in anything. Some staff told us that ℃-ute has been doing good lately. But the members thought “Well, that’s what they would say if they are staff….”. We do like being praised but at the same time we feel that there’s no other choice but to compliment us when we first meet.

-Reactions from outside the country are direct. Are these comments OK?

I have once posted a cover dance clip on YouTube. There were many comments in English and there were over 1,000,000 hits. A lot of people praised me for this. Hit numbers and CD sales don’t lie, so I believe them.

-You have your Yokohama Arena Live on June 11. So I think you are coming along good.

You never know until the actual day! We are already preparing for the chances that only half the seats are full. If we are doing a live in an arena that can hold 10000 people, I think we should be noticed more outside. Even if we take trains without masks, nobody notices us, which makes us more worried. Of course, there are some fans that come out to Tokyo for us, but again, we don’t really know if there really are fans that come out to Tokyo for us.



Chisato Okai and Tokyo

-What kind of image do you have about Tokyo?

At first, I had a bad image since my mom told me not to go there since I was little. I come from Saitama, so the nearest city was Ikebukuro, and I thought it was really cool just to be in Ikebukuro. I’ve become to go to places other than Ikebukuro and, for a person like me that doesn’t have many friends, being in crowded places make me feel that I’m not alone, even though I am.

-Lastly, do you have any favorite places or memorable places in Tokyo?

This is a long time ago, but when I came to Tokyo, I told my mom I wanted to eat spaghetti at “Youmenya Goemon”, she told me it was too expensive. So, I thought it was a really expensive place.  I also thought that restaurants of Tokyo were too good for people from Saitama. I have grown older and I’ve been able to go by myself. When I tell my mom “Let’s go to Goemon”, she gets very impressed with me. I also feel proud of my self too.


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