The Introduction of “Team Syachihoko”  

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2012 April 7th debut on the streets by Nagoya Castle. In the same year, October 31st, they debut in Nagoya from Warner Music Japan unBORDE at the Stardust Bowling.

The members are;

Nagoya Red Honoka Akimoto, Marrige Blue Nao Sakura, Pony Pink Yuzu Andou, Murasaki Purple(tentative) Yuzuki Oguro, Tebasaki Kimidori Haruna Sakamoto, and Uirou Yellow Chiyuri Itou.

They have their first one man live in Nagoya on December 30th 2012. With only a capacity of 500 people, over 4000 entries were made for the tickets, making the tickets premier.

On 2013 June, they finally major debuted with “Shuto Iten Keikaku(Capital Relocation Plan)” and became number 1 on the daily charts of iTunes J-POP and Mexico. On 2014 August,they released their first album “Himatubushi”.They even performed on the famous Nippon Budoukan stage on August 28th 2014.

2015 January 3rd, They had their live at Aichi prefecture Gymnasium with a 360°stage. Also on May 9th and 10th, they had their first solo arena 2 day live “Makuhari HOLLYWOOD”at Makuhari Messe. On August 28th, they had their largest outdoor performance “Syachisama2015” at Aichi prefecture Laguna beach with a total of 5000 people.

Their performances are energetic and always powerful and there is just so much possibility within Team Syachihoko!

Team Syachihoko official website :

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