We’ve Released Tokyo Talk, a New App for Connecting with People Around the World Who Love Japanese Culture!
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Tokyo Talk, the iPhone app for communicating with people all over the world, is out now!


With Tokyo Talk, you can connect with other fans across the globe no matter where they are! Check out all the easy and fun features it comes with!

Chat and message your friends

Have fun talking to your friends on TOKYO TALK anytime and anywhere with our free message function. It supports not only text, but emoticons, pictures, videos, and maps, too.

Connect to people all over the world with our match system

Find people nearby that share your interests! The app features tags for all the Japanese culture-related content you love, so you’ll be able to make new friends in no time.


Connect with friends using the ID search function

You can easily find your friends by directly entering their ID!


Enjoy chatting with your friends by posting on their timeline!

With our timeline-style bulletin board, you can post text, images, create new topics, and leave a reply on what others have posted.


Get the latest news with the “Tokyo Girls’ Update Official Group”

Because TOKYO TALK is run by Tokyo Girls’ Update, which has over 500,000 likes on Facebook, you’ll get the hottest up-to-date news with the TGU Official Group.


Safe Block User Feature

The app comes with a report user and block user feature to protect you against unwanted user contact or spam! Only connect with people you’re interested in befriending.


Use your Tokyo Girls’ Update account!

To use the app you’ll need a Tokyo Girls’ Update account. (Free)
If you haven’t signed up yet, this is your chance!


Exclusive notification will be available on Premium Chatroom!

Registered Premium Members are able to use the Premium Chatroom. Get access to rare artist content and information you won’t be able to find anywhere else!



Talk about shared interest topics and spread your interests beyond national borders!


Download “TOKYO TALK” here!



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