Dig Deeper into Japanese Pop Culture From Anywhere in the World: Tokyo Girls’ Update Directory of Serialized Editorial Writers

Dig Deeper into Japanese Pop Culture From Anywhere in the World:  Tokyo Girls’ Update Directory of Serialized Editorial Writers

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Hi everyone!
I think many of you know this already, but every week, there are at least 5 premium articles uploaded on Tokyo Girls’ Update.
As for the other articles, you can read the whole thing by logging in.
As for the reason why we have started to run the site like this, please read the 2 articles below.

> Tokyo Girls’ Update Is Not “Closed”, But “Close” to You!
Reaching for the best quality articles in the world

We want to take time writing articles, using original pictures as much as possible, creating information that you can’t reach just by search, and sharing these high quality reports with fans world wide.
Today we’d like to introduce the series we have been uploading on TGU.
There are articles you can read without sign up so check it out!

For those of you who can’t live without idols! A wide variety here for you!

Here are writers giving us articles on idols. They even write about topics that are too maniac to write in Japan. They will give you the series including past history on idols.

Japan, the Ambiguous, and Idol

Not everything needs to be positive, giving you the “real idol” series.
Akimasa Munekata in the “so-what” mode.

Japan, the Ambiguous, and Idol Suffering
What’s Behind the Word “Graduation”? The Difference between “Graduation” and “Withdrawal” in Japanese Idol Culture





Get Ready to the Idol World

Easy to understand, and broken down! He gives you the latest movements at idol “genba” through his eyes. The descent of a chief editor of a monthly idol newspaper!
The Love Movement That Can’t be Stopped : The Reason Why Idols who Idolize Idols are Increasing
Solo Idols Could Take the Spotlight Next : What Exactly Does Being a Solo Idol Entail?



Yasuhiro Okada

Dance in the subculture

He specializes on idols, as a new sub-culture leader, he gives you the “sub-culture rondo”. The unexpected unfolding of the topic makes his articles the one and only.

Tokyo Idols’ Update by Next Subculture Leader, Shinshi Okajima -Vol.1 : What is Subculture? (Part 1)
What is Gravure Idols? Photographic Expression by “Covering the Un-cute Parts of Girls”



Shinshi Okajima

Japanese Idol Past and Present

Articles that can only be written by those who have been watching the idol scene since the 80s like Mr. Arai gives you the series which represent “Things present are judged by the things past (Onkochishin)”. There are things that could be only said by those who have seen the past! He’s the walking idol library.

Not Just a Trend, but Culture: The Idea That “Idols = Live Performances” Planted and Keep Continuing Since the 90s
Idols as Love Interests, or the Magic Power of “Gachikoi” Love Born from a Mutual “Awareness”


Toshiro Arai

Analyzing the lifestyle of Japanese Girls from both Serious and Casual views

What is the real affection behind the word “Kawaii”?
What are the lifestyles and special ideals of the “Japanese Girl”?
These are series giving you the 21st century “Kawaii” from any different perspectives.

Tokyo Girls’ Wars

A university girl writer who has spent her Seishun in Chicago gives you the mysterious Japanese Girl analysis. There is always only one truth!

Flash Analysis! Gain a Deep Understanding on the Japanese Panty Culture!
Let’s All Shout Kawaii! 10 Things All Japanese Girls of All Genres Think Have Unwavering Cuteness!



Uni student. Grew up in Chicago. Always seeking ways to escape to the 2 or 2.5 dimensional world.

Everyday is your runway by Satsuki

Analysis and Hypothesis on why and how Japanese fashion culture and trends were created, with the experience within the fashion industry.

How Dokumo, “Amateur Fashion Models”, Have Been Making Impacts on Japanese Girls’ Fashion Culture
Eat As Much As You Like And Smile! “Pocchari” Is The New Sexy




KAWAII 2.0 Theory

Now as the word “kawaii” has been floating everywhere, he gives you the new “kawaii” theory from many different layers. No more “smile and nod”. Read about the real “Kawaii” that comes from the bottom of your heart.

Coming soon!



2D Will Never End, the Living Treasure


A twintail girl working at Animate will be giving you the latest can’t miss Anime update! Her tremendous love towards 2D will be fluttering everywhere throughout her latest info articles.

Welcome to the 2.5th Dimension! Musical & Theater Adaptations That Do What Anime Can’t!
They aren’t “Rotten”, Even Shining! Exploring the Sparkling World of FUJOSHI



Other than this, we will be having useful tips pedias that you can use in Japan, explaining about the strange “something”, through our TGU eyes.
In order to become a premium member, you will need $4 per month, but we also have a 10 days free trial period, so please try it out and see for yourself our high quality articles.
We will be following our code of honor and updating to the world with invaluable articles!

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