Tokyo Girls’ Update Recommend: Our Favorite MVs for Songs Released February 2015

Tokyo Girls’ Update Recommend: Our Favorite MVs for Songs Released February 2015

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Things are just starting to warm up here in Japan and there were more great MVs for songs released in February! We don’t even know if we can narrow our recommendations to just 5 this time! We have compiled a short list of our favorite six MVs released for songs that came out this month. The MVs are listed in chronological order according to their release date.

ANGERME – “Otome no Gyakushuu” (release date: February 4)

As much as we (and apparently everyone else, judging by their #2 Oricon ranking) loved “Taiki Bansei”, the concept and production of “Otome no Gyakushuu” felt a lot more polished and unified. Ok, there’s the random part in the middle where Maho Aikawa does a ballet dance solo but, didn’t it provide a nice change of pace?

Chu-Z – “Hana no Arch” (release date: February 11)

Chu-Z earned a 5th place Oricon ranking with their 2nd major label single “Hana no Arch/Brand Boy”. Even though “Brand Boy” was really cool with its retro jazzy sound and black and white cinematography, how can that beat the tomboyish KAEDE showing us an all too rare glimpse of how girly and cute she can be when she’s not hiding behind her sunglasses and hoodies?

Bitter & Sweet – “Ren’ai WARS” (release date: February 11)

The duo of Asahi Tasaki and Moemi Hasegawa literally go nose to nose in a fierce battle for the affections of the same man. Armed with confetti and balloons, it looks like maybe they should just forget about him and go have a girls’ night out instead?

Kiyoshi Ryujin 25 – “A, B, C Ja Gutto Konai!!” (release date: February 18)

We follow up with Kiyoshi Ryujin 25, a group that has none of the problems that Bitter & Sweet have. Instead of fighting over a guy, they all share him! While it is nothing new for there to be “nama shashin” (bromide) of the group members included in a single, several (un)lucky fans received one of the man himself, Kiyoshi Ryujin in theirs! No Ryujin, no wife!

Flower – “Sayonara, Alice” (release date: February 18)

In addition to the striking visuals straight from the mind of Mika Ninagawa (AKB48 – “Heavy Rotation”) and the breathtaking dancing of Flower, Shuuka Fujii shows off her acting skills by playing both the female and male protagonists in the video.

SUPER☆GiRLS – “Gira Gira Revolution” (release date: February 18)

It has been about 6 months since SUPER☆GiRLS last released a single so fans were delighted when they first saw the video for “Gira Gira Revolution” at Tokyo Dome City Hall on January 10th but, those feelings quickly turned to sadness when Aya Goto announced her graduation from the group minutes after. At the very least, Gocchan (Goto’s nickname) will be leaving on a high note as SUPER☆GiRLS got a Oricon #3 ranking for her last single with the group.

Girls’ Band Category: HYSTERIC LOLITA – “DISTRESS” (release date: February 6)

The girls’ band award for February goes to HYSTERIC LOLITA for “DISTRESS”. Unless we are mistaken, there were not many releases by girls’ bands in February and of those, how many of them were performing in front of a creepy old mansion under a full moon in the video?

Despite February being the shortest month, there were a lot of great music videos. Was it because there were a few double A-side singles? What’s going to happen when the triple A-side singles come out later this year?! Even though we listed more than 5 this time, there were many more that could have been included! Maybe for months with a lot of videos we should extend the list to 10 or even 20? If we went to 10, we could have included Prizmmy☆’s “I Just Wanna Be With You~Kasou (Virtual) to Shinjitsu (Real) no Hazama de~”, or Cupitron’s “Battery”, or Afilia Saga’s “Never say Never”

Let us know if you think we overlooked your favorite MVs of February. With so much music out there, it’s definitely possible that we might have missed something.

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