TGU Give Away : 5 Pairs of KAWAII MONSTER CAFE’s Colorful Chopsticks to 3 Readers!

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TGU Give Away : 5 Pairs of KAWAII MONSTER CAFE’s Colorful Chopsticks to 3 Readers!

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Have you ever used chopsticks (箸) before?

Japanese people eat all kind of food with chopsticks, not just things like ramen and rice. Japanese people are so used to using them that it’s more natural than using any other utensils!

So we decided this month’s giveaway is chopsticks but, there aren’t just any ordinary ones! These are the same ones you’d find on the tables of the KAWAII MONSTER CAFE in Harajuku! (These are not on sale so it’s premium!)  Aren’t they amazingly colorful and “KAWAII”?  Luckily, we got 5 pairs of of colorful chopsticks to 3 lucky readers.


KAWAII MONSTER CAFE just opened in Harajuku on August 1, 2015. Everything in this cafe is colorful!



Read more about KAWAII MONSTER CAFE in this report from the pre-opening!
*See more information :

First of all, please try to use chopsticks freely but, keep in mind that there are several taboo when you use chopsticks. We made the video to learn how “not to use” chopsticks, so try avoiding these bad behaviors and enjoy food more deliciously when using it!

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