Team TII (HKT48) Turn it Up to 11 in the MV for “Soramimi Rock”!

Team TII (HKT48) Turn it Up to 11 in the MV for “Soramimi Rock”!

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Team TII rock the countryside in the MV for “Soramimi Rock” from HKT48‘s 8th single “Saiko kayo” (release date: September 7)!

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“Soramimi Rock” is a throwback of a ska-punk pop song featuring Hana Matsuoka, who is also the center of “Saiko kayo”, wandering down a country backroad when she happens upon the other members of Team TII lounging around behind the tall grass (with some scenes possibly using the same trailer that was used in Yumemiru Adolescence’s MV for “Summer Nude Adolescence”). With only 10 members in Team TII at the moment, there is plenty of screen time to go around (for now).

Here are some screenshots!

“Saiko kayo” will be released in 3 CD/DVD versions and a theater version. Type-A includes the song “Yume Hitotsu” by Chihiro Anai and nakama. Type-B includes the song “Yozora no Tsuki wo Nomikomou” by Team H. Type-C includes the song “Go Bananas!” by Team KIV. The coupling song for all versions is “Soramimi Rock” by Team TII. Each of the DVDs include the MVs for the songs on the CD and volume 1-3 of the members of HKT48 on a field trip (HKT48 no Danketsu Shuugaku Ryokou).

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