Team Syachihoko Bowls Over Fans at Their First Budokan Concert!

Team Syachihoko Bowls Over Fans at Their First Budokan Concert!

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Just eight days after releasing their first album “Himatsubushi” which captured a #3 Oricon weekly ranking, Team Syachihoko held their first Nippon Budokan solo concert “Syachi Sama 2014~Kamigami no Matsuri~” on August 28th. The stage was decorated in the style of Ancient Greece, which continued the theme from last year where Team Syachihoko was sent back in time and commanded to perform for the enjoyment of the gods. Actor Riki Takeuchi reprised his role as “Boss” in the opening video to again call them forth. The sold out audience raised their voices in shouts of joy as the 6 members made their appearance.


Team Syachihoko kicked things off with “Enjoy Jinsei”, the coupling track from their 6th single “Ii Kurashi” accompanied by special guest ROLLY (ex-Scanch, ex-Rock Fujiyama) who appeared while strumming the song’s intro guitar riff. Upon seeing the veteran rocker, who regularly appears on NHK’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen and with many internationally known artists, backing up Team Syachihoko, the crowd got even more riled up. This was followed up with “OEOEO” and the lead track off of “Himatsubushi”, “Yoroshiku Jinrui” and a short talk where Yuzu Ando exclaimed, “I wanted to see this view (the sold out Budokan audience)!”


The performance continued on with “Ii Kurashi”, “Shuto Iten Keikaku” and album songs “colors”. During “Daisuki!” and “Dera Disco” the members got onto a lift and waved at the fans. Following the trio of up-tempo songs “Otome Juken Sensou”, “The Stardust Bowling”, and “Pizza Desu!” ROLLY returned to the stage to provide accompaniment for “Sokosoko Premium”, “Triple Seven”, and “Dakishimete Anthem” as they closed out the set list. During “Sokosoko Premium”, leader Honoka Akimoto had her first experience of being lifted by wires and she danced through the air over the arena seating.

The second song of the encore was the first performance of “Ake Boshi”, Syachihoko’s first ever ballad and their first time to use microphone stands on stage. At the end of the song, Akimoto turned to the crowd and said with a smile, “Coming to see our concert, ah that’s it! I would be so happy if you came to Nagoya!” Colored balloons in the members’ respective colors then descended upon the audience as Syachihoko sang “Maji Kansha”. This was followed by another video appearance of Riki Takeuchi where he announced that Team Syachihoko would be having a solo “Syachi-mode” concert at Nagoya’s Aichi-ken Taiikukan just as they had the previous year, but this time, there would be a 360-degree stage! Upon hearing the news, Yuzu Ando exclaimed, “For people to be able to see us from behind, and from the side…wasshoi!” Ending with an electrifying rendition of “Goburei! Syachihoko Deluxe”, Team Syachihoko’s first Budokan concert came to an end, leaving the group members and fans dripping with sweat from their smiling faces.

Set List

Enjoy Jinsei (w/ ROLLY)
Yoroshiku Jinrui
Ii Kurashi
Shuto Iten Keikaku
Dera Disco
Watashi ga Center
Ottori Girl no Yuutsuu
Mou Chotto Hashire!!!
Country Girl
Otome Juken Sensou
The Stardust Bowling
Pizza Desu!
Sokosoko Premium (w/ ROLLY)
Triple Seven (w/ ROLLY)
Dakishimete Anthem (w/ ROLLY)

Katte ni Hybrid
Maji Kansha
Goburei! Syachihoko Deluxe

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