Takoyaki Rainbow Push All the Buttons in the MV for “Nanairo Dance”!

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Takoyaki Rainbow Push All the Buttons in the MV for “Nanairo Dance”!

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Takoyaki Rainbow reap the rewards that come with the backing of a major label in the MV for their 6th single “Nanairo Dance” (release date: April 13)!

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Having made it to the “big leagues”, Takoyaki Rainbow are beside themselves with excitement in the MV for their major label debut single from avex trax. Appearing on the screen like rock stars with their entourage behind them and confetti fluttering down all around them, the members get up on the stage covered in flashing lights and start performing. Every where they seem to look, the avex trax symbol seems to appear. Finding buttons with different symbols on them, lasers, backup dancers, and even a dog appear before them! Saki Kiyoi finds a button with a big “X” on it and is determined to push it to see what happens. The others plead with her to stop, but it seems that she is helpless to resist the beckoning of the jolly candy-like button and pushes it while smirking mischievously. The lasers disappear and the dogs multiply! No lasers! Much dog! What problems! Oh no!

“Nanairo Dance” will be sold in 4 different versions. The “Maido!” (Kansai dialect for “Thanks!”) includes a DVD with the MV and making of for “Nanairo Dance”. The “Ookini”” (Kansai dialect for “Thank you!”) includes a third song titled “Sakurairo Stripe”. There will also be a “Kansai limited” version which will only be available in Kansai (Osaka, Kyoto, Wakayama, Hyogo, Mie, Nara, and Shiga prefectures) with an exclusive song titled “One Two Three Four Five!!”. Because they are now on avex, there is also an event-limited/mu-mo web shop exclusive version including a DVD with the MV for “Nanairo Dance” as well as a clip titled “☆Nanairo Question 77☆”. The coupling song for all versions is titled “Niji Stardust”.

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Nanairo Dance / Takoyaki Rainbow
Nanairo Dance / Takoyaki Rainbow

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