Idol Renaissance Sing a Song of Best Thanks in the MV for “Besten Dank”!

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Idol Renaissance Sing a Song of Best Thanks in the MV for “Besten Dank”!

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On March 22, Idol Renaissance unveiled a new MV for “Besten Dank”, with the same timing of the release of their first album “our songs”.

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Beaten Dank is the cover song of Takano Hiroshi’s “Besten Dank” released in 1990 and the lead track for “our songs”. Beaten Dank means “Best Thanks” in German, so they are dancing during the main chorus looks like showing appreciation.  In this MV, on the top of mountain, they are singing in harmony with a new costume.

In the album “our songs”, most of the songs were not re-recorded, as Kana Hashimoto who left the group on September 2015, respecting her legacy.  Her soul still remains in the songs for eternity! Her name is also printed in the credit in the album. 

1. YOU
2. Hatsukoi
3. Besten dank
4. Anoko Bokuga Longshoot Kimetara Donnakao Surudaro
5. Time Travel
6. Natsu no Kesshin
7. STILL LOVE HER (Ushinawareta Fukei)
8. -SKIT-
9. 17 Sai
10. Taiyo TO Shinzou
11. Kinyobi no Ohayo
12. Koisuru Kankaku
13. Galileo no Showcase
14. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
15. Funny Bunny


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