Takoyaki Rainbow Fight the Christmas Blues in the MV for “Kuri-bocchi ONEDAY!!”

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Takoyaki Rainbow Fight the Christmas Blues in the MV for “Kuri-bocchi ONEDAY!!”

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Takoyaki Rainbow has unwrapped the festive MV for their first Christmas single “Kuri-bocchi ONEDAY!!” (release date: December 16)!

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In the MV, the members of Takoyaki Rainbow fight off the depression which plagues many young single people around Christmastime in Japan since it is mainly a holiday for couples compared to other countries where it is a family-centered season. They enter a streetcar that has been decked out in all kinds of Christmas decorations and is even driven by a breakdancing Santa Claus! Even though they have their Christmas cake, it seems like they’re missing their fried chicken (which is a must-have item for Japanese people on December 25th)! Maybe it’s different in Kansai? At least they have tako-senbei (octopus crackers)?

The term “Kuri-bocchi” is a combination of the words “Christmas” and “hitoribocchi” (all alone). Leader Kurumi Hori even wears a giant chestnut (kuri in Japanese) because it sounds like Kurisumasu, something that Kansai people who are famous for their sense of humor are not afraid to exploit for the sake of a pun. There are also several scenes of the members dressed in normal clothes and waiting for a special someone who never comes as couples walk by. If you are single on Christmas in Japan, it’s probably best that you get together with some friends or stay inside.

“Kuri-bocchi ONEDAY!!” will be sold in 4 different versions. The “Maido!” (Kansai dialect for “Thanks!”) includes a third song titled “Meccha PUNK”. The “Ookini”” (Kansai dialect for “Thank you!”) includes a third song titled “Tanoshi Kashimashi Osaka〜Oideyasu〜”. Both of those versions come with 1 of 5 randomly selected trading cards.

There are also 2 limited editions. The Kansai limited version includes a third song titled “Namba de Samba 2” and the special event limited version includes a DVD with the MV and making of video for “Kuri-bocchi ONEDAY!!”. The coupling song for all versions is titled “Naniwa mo Jingle Bell”.

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Kuri-bocchi ONEDAY!! Maido! version


Kuri-bocchi ONEDAY!! Ookini! version

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