SUPER☆GiRLS Celebrate 5th Anniversary Live at Tokyo Dome City Hall!

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SUPER☆GiRLS Celebrate 5th Anniversary Live at Tokyo Dome City Hall!

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SUPER☆GiRLS celebrated their 5th anniversary and the 15th birthday of member Risa Uchimura at Tokyo Dome City Hall on June 20, 2015. As the first group from Avex’s iDOL Street specialty label, the journey that SUPER☆GiRLS had taken was full of precious memories. The coming and going of members, their first Nippon Budokan live, the birth of Cheeky Parade, GEM and The World Standard; through good times and bad, SUPER☆GiRLS had kept moving forward, bringing them to the SUPER☆CASTLE once again.


The opening act was iDOL Street’s newest group The World Standard (aka Wasuta) who performed “Doki Doki♡today” and debuted a new song titled “Inu-Neko. Seishun Massakari” which featured cute dog and cat dance moves. It looks like Wasuta is open to using social media to promote themselves since photography and filming was encouraged during their performance. If you search for #tws_live or #わーすた, you should be able to find a lot more pictures and videos.

Starting with a video of Ami Maeshima making her way through a castle holding a lantern. Entering a room where the other members of SUPER☆GiRLS had been waiting, they were presented a wooden box with 4 keys in it. As they scattered throughout the castle to find the doors that the keys would open, the members were introduced, striking cute and dramatic poses. Just as Maeshima unlocked the first door, there was a loud explosion in the venue, similar to the one from their January 10th live and SUPER☆GiRLS launched into their “Supa-Ga Rock” (term used to describe SUPER☆GiRLS’ style of upbeat songs) in outfits designed by Reira Arai. While “DREAM SEEKER” had been the lead-off song in the past, it was unexpected that “Rave Together”, a song which usually closed out a performance, was 3rd on the set list.

After a short medley of “Girl’s Party -my friend Jenny-” and “Happy GO Lucky! 〜Happy☆Lucky de GO!〜”, the sweet “Mune Kyun Love Song” (coupling song from “Icchatte♪ Yacchatte♪”) made it’s appearance, just as it had during the afternoon performance. Mirei Tanaka fired an imaginary arrow through the heart made by Rina Miyazaki and Ami Maeshima’s outstretched arms.

After a short interlude where the members swept up the stage and fooled around, angering Hikaru Watanabe to the point where she started tap dancing, SUPER☆GiRLS returned to the stage in their princess outfits for “Yakusoku no Hanataba”, “Hikouki Gumo, Itsuka” and “Celebration”. Reflecting Rika Shimura’s talk about her memory of their first Nippon Budokan, the lyrics to “Yakusoku no Hanataba” talked about their future selves, weaving the threads of the past, present, and future of SUPER☆GiRLS together.

The video resumed, this time focusing on Mirei Tanaka as she attempted to open a door that had no lock. One by one, the other members successfully walked through the door while wearing the different outfits from their past singles. Playing up the joke that she isn’t really Japanese, Reira Arai (aka Rachel) spoke some English words to open the door. Nana Asakawa took a selfie with Mirei before walking through the door.


The 10 members took their spots on stage in new outfits and were about to start “Hanamichi!! Ambitious” before being interrupted by a breathless Mirei, who presented Risa Uchimura with a bouquet of flowers for her 15th birthday. The hall was filled with the glow of light blue glow sticks as fans and members alike sang “Happy Birthday to You” to Risa. When asked what she wanted to do, she expressed a wish to sing by herself. Given Risa’s diligence, drive, and patience (she had been passed over for GEM before becoming a member of SUPER☆GiRLS in 2014), not only will her wish probably be granted soon but, it also looks like SUPER☆GiRLS have a bright future head of them as they move into their 6th year as long as they have members like her.

After “Hanamichi!! Ambitious”, SUPER☆GiRLS performed their 13th single “Icchatte♪ Yacchatte♪”, a cheerful disco song, that despite the questionable title and lyrics (literally “Come on! Do it!”), carries on their tradition of fun summer songs. As it is linked to department store Ito Yokado’s swimsuit promotion, it will be a shock if the MV is not full of images of SUPER☆GiRLS wearing those swimsuits.

The heat got turned up even more with a 6-song medley of SUPER☆GiRLS’ past summer classics: “MAX! Otome Gokoro”, “Minamikaze Paya Paya”, “Tokonatsu High Touch”, “Ahhahha! ~Chouzetsu Bakushou Ondo~”, “Ganbatte Seishun”, and “Puri Puri♥SUMMER Kiss”. During “Tokonatsu High Touch”, the members tossed signed balls into the audience. Koume Watanabe was crowned “the most princess-like” of all the SUPER☆GiRLS, receiving a tiara and a cape. A lucky fan in the floor seats was selected to present the newly crowned princess with the 5th key; Koume descending from the stage to retrieve it. A burst of metallic pink confetti shot out from the ceiling to signal the final song of the main performance, the cheerful “Miracle ga Tomannai!”


After a lively encore call that, as Rika Shimura noted, was much louder than the one for the afternoon performance, SUPER☆GiRLS returned to the stage to perform “Gira Gira Revolution”. The audience jumped along enthusiastically even after almost 2 hours of mostly uptempo songs.


Shimura expressed her desire to lead SUPER☆GiRLS back to the Nippon Budokan in 2016 with the current members before ending the encore with “Be with you”. Lingering on the stage and smiling brightly to thank all the fans for supporting them for the past 5 years, SUPER☆GiRLS’ took their first step into their 6th year.

Set List

02 Zettai Jibun Zenshin Sengen
03 Rave Together
04 Yume no Inryoku

05 Girl’s Party -my friend Jenny-
06 Happy GO Lucky! 〜Happy☆Lucky de GO!〜

07 Mune Kyun Love Song
08 Ren’ai Manifest
09 Niji-iro Diamond ~SUPER☆GiRLS Theme
10 Yakusoku no Hanataba
11 Hikouki Gumo, Itsuka
12 Celebration
13 Hanamichi!! Ambitious
14 Icchatte♪ Yacchatte♪

15 MAX! Otome Gokoro
16 Minamikaze Paya Paya
17 Tokonatsu High Touch
18 Ahhahha! ~Chouzetsu Bakushou Ondo~
19 Ganbatte Seishun
20 Puri Puri♥SUMMER Kiss

21 Miracle ga Tomannai!

Gira Gira Revolution
Be with you

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