Light up Your Summer at the Sunflower Fields Around Tokyo

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Light up Your Summer at the Sunflower Fields Around Tokyo

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Summer has come early this year, and the flowers are quickly opening up to drink in all that sun. Every year the sunflower fields are a popular spot in Japan, where people come from near and far to dive into a vast golden sea of big, bold sunflowers. Take a step out of the city, and you’ll find yourself wading into fields and fields of them. There are several surrounding Tokyo that would make a perfect stop for your summer vacation.

Showa Kinen Park

One of the most famous parks and the biggest in the Tokyo region, Showa Kinen Park welcomes visitors all year round into their massive spaces filled with flowers. They’re constantly flowering with hundreds of varieties of flowers, but now it’s the sunflower’s time to shine in all its yellow glory. With over 50,000 of them, visitors are promised a dazzling sight in the midst of this extensive park. There are plenty of paths for you to take too, so you can enjoy a nice leisurely stroll across the park.

Address: Midoricho 3173, Tachikawa, Tokyo 190-0014
Dates: End July to early August
Admission: Adults ¥450, junior high school and below free

Himawari Garden Musashi-murayama


Nestled in a residential district, this sunny field will make you feel right as home as you enter a warm, magnificent paradise filled with 500,000 sunflowers. The fields span 3.7 hectares, giving you ample space to explore the pure simplicity of these vibrant flowers. This year the garden welcomes its 7th anniversary, and is holding a photo contest to encourage visitors to show their best photographs taken at the Himawari Garden Musashi-murayama. Why not take this opportunity to capture and preserve your memories of the summer?

Address: 1460 Midorigaoka, Musashimurayama, Tokyo 208-0012
Dates: Till August 6
Admission: Free

Kouchanchi no Yasai

Leave your summer memories in the hands of Kou-chan, the nature-loving protector of Setagaya’s fields. Kou-chan’s House grows fresh produce throughout the year, and during the summer time his favorite sunflowers make a grand appearance to bring a smile to everyone’s faces. Planting every seed with genuine heart, the field will come to life with around 20,000 flowers in bloom. Visit Setagaya to take for yourself some of the joy that Kou-chan has grown together with his family.

Address: Setagaya, Tokyo
Dates: Till early August
Admission: Free

Kiyose Himawari Festival

【RETRIP×ひまわり】 2016年8月20日(土)~9月4日(日)の期間、「清瀬ひまわりフェスティバル」が開催されています。都内最大級のひまわり畑に圧巻されること間違いなし!夏の最後の思い出作りにいかがでしょうか? credit:pixta #RETRIP#retrip_nippon#リトリップ#retrip国内#リトリップ国内#retrip_nt#清瀬ひまわりフェスティバル#清瀬#東京#都内#ひまわり#ひまわり畑#向日葵#絶景#日本の絶景#夏#夏の絶景#日本#黄色#花#nippon#japan#tokyo#kiyose#beautifuljapan#explorejapan#lovers_nippon#amazing#sunflower#summer . 【毎日更新中!】 RETRIPではグルメ(@retrip_gourmet)、海外の絶景(@retrip_global)、絶景まとめ(@retrip_news)のご紹介もしております。よろしければ遊びにきてくださいね。

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Since 2008 Kiyose City has held their sunflower festival every year over an enormous patch of farmland at 24,000 square metres in size, with 100,000 huge sunflowers welcoming visitors. Fresh vegetables and cut flowers from nearby farms will also be sold at the venue, so you can bring home a piece of summer from Kiyose in commemoration. There are plenty of events, from photo contests to weather fairs held by the weather satellite center. There’s lots to see and do, and they’re made even better by the thousands of sunflowers around.

Address: 3 Chome Shimokiyoto, Kiyose, Tokyo
Dates: August 18 to August 28

Narita Yume Bokujo

The farm is the best place to go when you’re in need of some flowers and fauna. The whole place is in summer vacation mode, and everyone is welcome to join in the fun together with the animals living on the farm. This year there are 110,000 sunflowers being planted over 8 different venues, so you have plenty to explore, including a beautiful sunflower maze to get lost in. Don’t forget to catch some of their cosplaying sunflower too!

Address: 730 Naki, Narita City, Chiba, 289-0111
Dates: Till end August
Admission: Adults ¥1,400, children ¥700 (additional ¥400 for sunflower maze)

Whether it’s with your friends or family or even just for a solitary breather, the sunflower fields are sure to brighten up your day. They make for a majestic photo opportunity, and a nice breather amidst the summer heat. Since sunflowers are the star of this season, you won’t want to miss the only chance in a year to be surrounded by them.

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