Stella☆Beats Get Wet and Wild in the MV for Their 2nd Single “FantasticTraveller”!

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Stella☆Beats Get Wet and Wild in the MV for Their 2nd Single “FantasticTraveller”!

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Spring is just beginning in most parts of Japan but, Stella☆Beats have created a hot midsummer mood in the MV for their second single “FantasticTraveller” (release date: May 12).

The video was filmed on the faraway southern island of Miyako-jima in the Okinawan archipelago and is filled with scenes of the members playing on the white sand beaches and kicking up the clear blue sea water. The hardest thing for them to do in the video must have been the parts when they weren’t smiling, since being able to get away to someplace warm during the winter months is a dream come true for many people who live anywhere the temperatures drop into the single digits.

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Lyrics for “FantasticTraveller” were written by Yoshiyuki Kinoshita, who has written songs for: Idoling!!!, AKB48, SKE48, No Sleeves, Watarirouka, and Sunmyu~. The music and arrangement was handled by Takatsugu Oishi, who has been the producer for Stella☆Beats since the group’s formation in 2014. The coupling song is “Hatsukoi Mayfly” and was composed and arranged by SHUN, who has previously contributed songs to other Arc Jewel groups. Because this is only the short version of the MV and because “FantasticTraveller” is only being released in one CD-only version, let’s look forward eagerly to seeing the full version when it is uploaded! In the meantime, check out their cute pictures and cheer them on using the CHEERZ mobile app!

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