Run Out of Tears with Full of Shocking Events! Stand-Up! Hearts Level Up to the NEXT STAGE at Their 1st Anniversary Concert

充滿淚水和驚喜連連的一週年演唱會!Stand-Up! Hearts踏入新一階段
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Run Out of Tears with Full of Shocking Events! Stand-Up! Hearts Level Up to the NEXT STAGE at Their 1st Anniversary Concert

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On September 7th, Stand-Up! Hearts’ 1st anniversary concert was held at Shibuya O-WEST. The group was formed as younger sister group of Afilia Saga 1 year ago and even not real idol group called “Kenkyusei” (trainee), however, the situation changed and they became to take new step on that day.

The concert was started with “Triangle Wave”, the cover song of anisong singer Ayumi Murata. After the song they had self introduction part and played “NEXT STAGE!”,“May I help you?”, and “Tenbu no Mai, Akatsuki no Mon”.

For Momoko Naruse, it was the last day to be the member of Stand-Up! Hearts, as she was announced to move to Afilia Saga. Singing “Happiness!” altogether, some members couldn’t stop crying for the sadness, however, it was impressive that Momoko never showed sad face during the performance. Receiving pink pretty bouquet by the members parting from that day, Momoko deeply thanked fans and the other members, and left the stage to start her new life as a member of Afilia Saga.

Seeing Momoko off with a little bit of sorrow, new Stand-Up! Hearts members performed the cover song of Afilia Saga “Kyouiku Teki Shidou!” for the first time.

To celebrate their sister’s 1st anniversary, Afilia Saga was there as the guest performer. Adding a new member Momoko Little Berry (Momoko Naruse) who had just graduated Stand-Up! Hearts, Afilia Saga appeared the stage and performed “Baisoku Renai Dokei”, “SURVIVE!!”, “Tenkou Girl”, “Sepia”, “Japonesque×Romanesque”, and “Houkago Romance”. Of course the amount of the experience and the color of the group are different, Afilia Saga showed their matureness. It maybe fancy, but Momoko Little Berry looked different from when she was at Stand-Up! Hearts.

Here special collaboration happened. Stand-Up! Hearts joined Afilia Saga and performed Afilia Saga East’s addicting song “Knee High Egoist”. The stage was too small for 23 members to dance, however it was pretty heartwarming that one Afilia member and one Hearts member made a pair to sing together with one hand microphone.

Afilia Saga left the stage and it was Stand-Up! Hearts’ turn again. Performed “Opera Fantasista”, “Sorairo Days”, and “Soukoku no Spica”, the members expressed their thought. Yuyu Arata said she wanted to have their original songs. Actually, Stand-Up! Hearts don’t have original songs yet as they were in the position of “idol trainee”. Songs they have been performing are the cover song of Afilia Saga or the songs composed by their producer Chiyomaru Shikura. Followed Kazune Manami, she also talked she wanted original songs and wished to go oversea performance again like they did in France for Japan Expo 2015 on July.

On the very moment they were ready for the last song “Drawing Again” and the music played, suddenly the melody of “Happy Birthday to You” was played. The members totally got upset for the unannounced happening, and Afilia Saga’s Yukafin Doll and Maho Sotto Voce appeared. In Yukafin’s hand, there was a letter from Chiyomaru Shikura. Yukafin and Maho didn’t know what was written in the letter.

Saying “Please think me as Chiyomaru Shikura” and Yukafin started reading out the letter. Actually, there were several surprise announcements. First, it was announced that Stand-Up! Hearts was promoted to real idol unit from “idol trainee”. Secondly, as Yuyu and Kazune wished, making major CD debut in the beginning of the next year was announced! Hearts’ members couldn’t stop crying for this unexpected news at least for few minutes. Yukafin said “We are not sisters, but good rival from now. Please do your best and surpass Afilia Saga in some day!”.

Finally ending with “Drawing Again”, Stand-Up! Hearts, they couldn’t stop smiling after cried a lot. The members face expression looked totally different from the beginning. It was the day that new Stand-Up! Hearts was born! Where is the NEXT STAGE? We’ll see!

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Photo by Mime Soga
Traditional Chinese translated by Hugo

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