Senkou Roadshow, Soon to Make their Major Debut, Showcases a Unique “Girls’” World at JOL Harajuku

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Senkou Roadshow, Soon to Make their Major Debut, Showcases a Unique “Girls’” World at JOL Harajuku

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On February 28th (Sunday), the “Senkou Roadshow x JOL Harajuku ~Kurumin Monroe Tanjo After Party~” was held at JOL Harajuku, one of the major spots to see the latest Takeshita street fashion straight out of Harajuku. The first part of the show prioritized female attendees by letting them in for free, and the venue was full of girls the same age as the idol group’s members.

Momonesu Chan (Momo Wakabayashi) commented before the event, “I love to come to JOL during my free time, and I’m so happy to be doing an event here. It almost feels unreal,” and thinking about how someone her age, who can usually be found walking around the venue’s floors, was suddenly shining there in front of me on stage, the comment that “if almost feels unreal”seemed especially fitting.

The concert kicked off with “Taisetsu na Oshirase”, an upbeat tune with a catchy chorus melody. It was a fresh performance for the girls, who were quick to flash a smile anytime their eyes fell on one of the girls in the audience.




During their MC that followed their self-introductions, group leader Angenana Jolie (Ayana Onuma) humbly commented, “This may be the first time for many of you to see Senkou Roadshow, but I hope that you’ll at least remember our group’s name!” Then the group followed up with three songs one right after another, including their original song “NO Netsu no Arashi”, with Momonesu Chan’s “dreamy cute rap” as one of the main highlights.




For their next MC the members reported that they would be holding solo concerts for the next three months starting from April (April 2nd, May 3rd, and June 11th at Daikanyama LOOP), as well as the group’s major debut on March 23rd on Victor VERSIONMUSIC.

Then they performed their major debut single track “Fire Cyber”, and concluded the show with “Sekai no Hajimari (beginning of new world)”. After the concert they held a special event, where all the members looked especially radiant as they interacted with the girls that had attended, and I couldn’t help but get the feeling that this event was the very beginning of Senkou Roadshow’s new world.




The second part of the event consisted of SHOWROOM’s live broadcast, Senkou Roadshow Room. With great personalities that gave an excellent balance to the group, all seamlessly woven into their talk, it might seem like a strange way to describe it, but it felt like a miraculous program in every sense of the word.



Episodes of Senkou Roadshow Room are usually broadcasted every Thursday, so for those interested please be sure to check them out.


With their event at JOL Harajuku, which is said to be the holy land for Harajuku girls, no doubt Senkou Roadshow were able to increase their number of girl fans. They were able to show themselves off as friendly and fun regular girls, yet with something special about them you’re not likely to find elsewhere.
Now that it’s finally March Senkou Roadshow’s major debut is just up ahead, along with a full swing of activity, and I look forward to seeing them move forward.

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