S/mileage to change the name and add new members

S/mileage to change the name and add new members

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S/mileage has announced that they will add new members and change their name.
This was announced in the latest episode of their online program “Hello! Station (a.k.a Harosute)” uploaded on YouTube on September 24.
According to the source, this idea was initially proposed by Ayaka Wada and Kanon Fukuda themselves. Then, the result of a consultation with producer Tsunku♂ and other staffs, finally they reached the decision.

New members will be selected from Hello! Pro Kenshuusei, Hello! Project’s trainees, and their new name will be chosen from submissions from the public.

Regarding this announcement, Tsunku♂ updated his blog and revealed that it was much surprised for him as a producer.
He commented, “It’s important that an aspiring idea comes from members themselves, and a positive behavior like this will draw victory on them. We should cheer up them!”

The details on new members and method of the recruitment for new group name will be announced later.

S/mileage is ready to begin a new chapter now.
We want you to tell us your opinion. Please leave your thought in DISQUS area below.

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UP-FRONT LINK has translated the news posted on H!P official website:

S/mileage made their major debut for more than 4 years and a half.

We began as 4 members but on 2011 Ogawa and Maeda successively graduated and the group had to surpass a crisis.
During this crisis 2nd generation members have been added and 6 members composed the group since then. We, as 6 members, had to overcome many things and this year, we have been able to successfully perform at the Budokan, a dream for us.
For S/mileage, it was something really big and we have been able to get more self-confidence by ourselves.

We feel really gratitude towards the 4 members of the 2nd generation.
With the successful Budokan’s live, we have reached the point of thinking that S/mileage can do things bigger and bigger.
Then during some habitual discussion with the 2nd generation, we sometimes felt anxiety from them about what will happen to the group if we, the original members, would graduate from S/mileage.
We discussed with our staff, and we will add members from Hello! Pro Kenshuusei. We think that adding new members would be a good stimulus for everyone.
With this new group’ start, our name will change as well. We are currently taking applications for this new name.
It was “the first chapter” of S/mileage until now. We think that with the new group’s name, we, as 6 members plus the new members will start “the second chapter”.
To be able to do what we couldn’t do until now, we would like to challenge new things in order to reach this potentiality.
Please continue to support us from now as well.

S/mileage Ayaka Wada, Kanon Fukuda

PS: the translation may not be perfect/accurate, thank you for your understanding.

Official announcement (Japanese) :
Tsunku♂ Blog :

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