Silly Girls No Longer There, S/mileage Holds First Budokan Concert

Silly Girls No Longer There, S/mileage Holds First Budokan Concert

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Hello! Project’s idol group, S/mileage, held the one-off Nippon Budokan concert for the first time in their history, “S/mileage LIVE 2014 Summer FULL CHARGE~715 Nippon Budokan~”, on July 15. Over 8,000 discerning audiences thronged Budokan to celebrate a remarkable accomplishment of S/mileage in the fifth year since the group has formed.

In retrospect, S/mileage started off a new year by being complained about the lack of hustle by the producer Tsunku♂. “There’re too many bad girls in the group. More and more members have been turning unmotivated.” However, the members like whom he mentioned, were no longer there at all on the night.

The concert started from their lovely first single “Amajojaku”, the major debut single “Yume Miru 15”, then shifted to the latest “Aa, Susukino” without a break. Although they should have been very nervous on such a big stage for the first time, they steadily brought their colors.

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Not only the 8,000 fans, the other Hello! Project’s groups also came to celebrated S/mileage’s first Budokan, even Tsunku♂, who had a big surgery on his throat in Februrary and still is recuperating. Morning Musume.’14, Berryz Kobo, ºC-ute, and Juice=Juice showed off “Brainstorming”, “Ai wa Itsumo Kimi no Naka ni, “The Power”, and “Black Butterfly” for each. In addition, H!P Kenshusei (Trainees) graced the stage as back dancers. But wait, there’s more. The biggest surprise was that S/mileage’s original members Saki Ogawa and Yuuka Maeda were spotted in the auditorium. The Nippon Budokan was delighted to have unexpected guests by sending “Yuuka” and “Sakichi” call.

Kananan and Rinapu, who had shown a progress in dancing, brought the group a harmony. Flawless goddess of S/mileage, the leader Ayacho tightly embraced members on the stage. Kanon led S/mileage in singing and dancing, Takechan powerfully showed off her singing talent. Most notably, Meimei‘s punchy sharp performance moved the group one step further.

By the way, what came after the group conflict drama? (Team Strongers/Upsets/Originals)
They had a “pro-wrestling-style” showdown in a ring placed at the center of the venue. All the members were knocked down each other at the same time, then sang “Tachiagaaru”(Stand up girl).

What’s seen in a series of those scenarios before the Budokan, and the whole concert, was S/mileage’s attitude trying to run up to the next step no matter any kind of difficulties they had. And the night meant so much to the young girls. Tsunku♂ once mentioned, “they’ve been bad girls.” However, that is nothing but an evidence of how much he has loved them so much, because, “the sillier the girls are, the cuter they are”. And you must agree with that a potential capacity which “ex-bad” boys and girls have, is unlimited. In the last MC, they spoke things they’ve been through, and enthusiasms for the future. S/mileage will absolutely be the real deal AFTER Budokan. So, stay tuned for their further steps.

written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

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