S/mileage Ayaka Wada, Wants to Run Small Museum of Her Own

S/mileage Ayaka Wada, Wants to Run Small Museum of Her Own

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S/mileage leader Ayaka Wada held a publishing event of her art book on March 18, at Shinjuku Fukuya, Tokyo.

“Otome no Kaiga Annai” (Maiden introduction of painting) had been serialized in a website “PHP Business Online Syuchi”.
In addition to all 10 web series, the book contains the other 10 columns newly written for the publication.
There were idols in the past, who were interested in art, but their interests headed for painting a picture. No idols headed in the direction of art criticism as Ayacho. However, she’s not a pro critic, but a 19 years old art lover. As a young art lover, she simply reveals a relationship with masterpiece of all ages and countries.

She has been studying art history at university in parallel with the idol activities.
“I just happened to see an exhibition of Manet when I was 15. I was drawn into the world of art since then. I felt the existence of Manet so black, which was quite different from an image of a brilliant art that I had. I guess the shock at the time fascinated me.”

She is now interested in the Japanese Buddha statues and art.
“These days I became aware of Japanese art, mainly Butsuzou-san (Buddha statue) though.
But recently I have seen things such as Japanese folding screen. I enjoyed visiting many temples in Kyoto with my father. I saw Fujin Raijin-zu byobu (The folding screens of Wind God and Thunder God) for the first time.

When asked a future goal, she happily unveiled her dream.
“I’m studying at university to get a license of curator. So I’d like to run a small museum one day.”

Finally, She sent enthusiastic messages for the fans and readers.
“I have great feelings that my people are beginning to know the world of art. I deeply thank all of you, and they give me a tremendous emotional support. It’d be amazing if more people would be impressed by the good of Japan again throughout this book.”

By the way, the members of S/mileage were not sure what the book was all about at first.
They thought only her photo has been used a little for a book cover. Ayacho had sweaty palms and a racing heart when she explained this to the members.

written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

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