Crown For Idol’s Gravure Battle “SAKIDOL ACE SURVIVAL SEASON 6” Belongs To Yuzu Amanatsu From Bandjanaimon!
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Winner for Weekly Young Jump’s battle of gravure idols “SAKIDOL ACE SURVIVAL” has been chosen!

Crown goes to Yuzu Amanatsu from “Bandjanaimon!”, and she won the most number of reader’s votes among the 10 candidates in “SAKIDOL ACE SURVIVAL SEASON 6”.young jump[1]

Yuzu successfully made the cover as a gravure idol of Young Jump No.15 on March 9th and wore her yellow image color  bikini along with the pure white bikini in the magazine cover.yuzu amanatsu

“SAKIDOL ACE SURVIVAL” is a project where representative members of several idol groups compete for getting the right to appear on the magazine. Yuzu recieved more than 50 thousand votes in the reader’s survey with just a dozen more votes than Rin Kaname in 2nd place.

In Young Jump No.15, Rin Kaname from “Beboga (from Niji no Conquistador Team Yellow)” appeared as a gravure in the end page, and Erisa Gunji from “Pimm’s” in the center page of the magazine.



Look forward for their future gravure career!

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