No More Painful Fashion : Corset Piercing Stockings Are In!

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No More Painful Fashion : Corset Piercing Stockings Are In!

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Beautiful but not painful. Corset piercing stockings, produced by a creator YuRI YUMETSUKI, has been released to meet the fans high expectations!

orset-piercing-stocking-4 orset-piercing-stocking-3

The stocking was really hard to obtain rare item when it first came out in 2016 and sold out in few minutes after the release. The original first edition was all YuRI’s handmade, but now it came back with more powers to deliver it to more people!

Originally, a corset piercing is a body piercing that is pierced multiple times mostly side to side to look like a corset being laced up the body. As you can imagine, it hurts a lot. However, this corset piercing stockings’ concept is “We don’t need to feel pain to be cute” and achieves to get fashionable style without pain.

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Size : free
Body color : Nude beige, black
Ribbon color : Wine, black, white, sky, purple
Ribbon position : Thigh, calf

orset-piercing-stocking-6 orset-piercing-stocking-5

The stockings are available on CuLLT online shop (, Village Vanguard online shop ( and some shops such as Shinjuku LUMINE.

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