Kanna Hashimoto In A School Sailor Uniform With A Machine Gun? She Will Be The New Heroine For “Sailor-fuku To Kikanjuu”

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Kanna Hashimoto In A School Sailor Uniform With A Machine Gun? She Will Be The New Heroine For “Sailor-fuku To Kikanjuu”

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As Kaogokawa Eiga celebrating their 40th anniversary, they have announced the new production of one of the favorite film series in Japan, “Sailor-fuku to Kikanjuu (School Sailor Uniform and Machine Gun)” with their new story starring with Kanna Hashimoto, “Sailor-fuku To Kikanjuu – Sotsugyou –(School Sailor Uniform and Machine Gun After Story – Graduation – ) ” at the press conference that was held on June 23rd (Tue).



“Sailor-fuku To Kikanjuu” is a series are originally written by Jiro Akagawa in 1978, and the story was produced in to a film directed by Shinji Somai, starring Hiroko Yakushimaru which became a hit and a sensation. In 1982, Tomoyo Harada, in 2006, Masami Nagasawa starred in the television series of the same story as well. The main story is about a young, teenage girl, Izumi Hoshi, suddenly became a boss of the small, Japanese mafia group, starting to get involved in to the world of mafia. The upcoming film for this film will original story by Jiro Akagawa, written in 1989 “Sailor-fuku To Kikanjuu, Sono Ato, – Sotsugyo – (School Sailor Uniform And Machine Gun, After Story – Graduation –) ” focusing on a year after the main story, when the protagonist, Izumi Hoshi, struggling to turn back in to the ordinary high school girl. The movie will be directed by Koji Maeda, and the script will be written by Ryo Takada.


Press Conference on June 23, 2015 (Tue)

The main reason for casting Kanna Hashimoto was that Inoue got interested in Kanna through her picture on the internet, which became a sensation to be the prettiest girl in 1000 years. Inoue actually attended to her group’s concert and requested her to make her film debut with Kadokawa film.

The original author of the story, Jiro Akagawa, commented surprisingly that “I can’t believe that Miss Kanna Hashimoto was born in 1999, who is growing up in the 21st Century. If Ms. Hiroko Yakushimaru is the 20th Century’s Izumi Hoshi, then I hope for Miss Hashimoto will represent as the 21st Century’s Izumi Hoshi.” The director, Maeda, who used to be one of the biggest fans of Kadokawa’s films, also presented that, “I hope I could shoot Miss Hashimoto’s moment of ‘now’.”


Kanna Hashimoto (Right) with Jiro Akagawa (Left)

Kanna Hashimoto also commented with smile, “I still can not believe that I get to star as Izumi Hoshi, who was originally acted out by one of the person I respect, Ms. Hiroko Yakushimaru. This still feels like a dream…” She also says with confidence, “With all the famous actresses playing Izumi Hoshi, I would like to act as from myself, not by anyone else.”


Kanna Hashimoto

The filming will start from July, and the movie scheduled to be completed filming this November. We wonder what could turn out to be with Kanna Hashimoto in a school uniform and the machine gun.

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