Rock The Panty! Pikarin’s Skirt Is Flipped Up With The Rock’n Amplifier!

Rock The Panty! Pikarin’s Skirt Is Flipped Up With The Rock’n Amplifier!

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The biggest music channel in Japan, Space Shower TV’s new station ID (short clip to represent the concept of the television station), “Rock ’n’ Roll Panty” has been released and will be on air from August 4, 2015 (Tue) randomly in between the shows. The girl who’s skirts are getting flipped in different types of cute costumes is the popular fashion model and artist,  Hikari Shiina (aka Pikarin).




The theme of this station ID is “play the panty with roaring Rock ‘n’ Roll sound” and with the station ID video, the smartphone browser game is also being released. The stage was created with the smartphone game, and as the large speakers blast the sounds, strong wind and vibration will be created from the bottom of the stage to flip the skirts up.


The system map of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Panty

Contributor Wanted!!

Contributor Wanted!!

The idea for this contents was inspired from the legendary guitarist, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s quote, “The sound wave from the guitar amp flutters the hem of the pants.”

The project conductor for this contents is the creative team called, “dot by dot inc.” The large speakers was created with the invisible design lab and Taguchi Craft Inc. The music is played by the rock band, KING BROTHERS, which the band is also appearing in the station ID as well.

Rock n’ panty with your own smartphone and the love of music with Pikarin!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Panty Official Site:

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