Miracle of the Indies Scene! Risa Satosaki Zepp DiverCity Tour Finale Live Report

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Miracle of the Indies Scene! Risa Satosaki Zepp DiverCity Tour Finale Live Report

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Singer-songwriter and company president Risa Satosaki made history with her successful solo concert Satosaki Risa Zenkoku Tour 2017 Final Zepp DiverCity TOKYO One-Man Supported by 3D LIVE Revolution at Zepp Diver City on September 22, 2017!

The journey which began when Satosaki took a leap of faith and reserved Zepp Diver City all by herself in November of 2016 came to a moving conclusion as she took the stage for the finale of her 5-month long national tour. Backed by a 5-piece band, she got the evening started with “Sing”, the lead track from her latest release followed up by “Hot! Natsu! Summer~”.

Greeting the audience that had gathered, Satosaki she thanked them for coming out to see her and promised to do her best to give the best performance that she could. She continued on with more tracks from “Sign” including “Olive”, “Shingo”, and “410”, with “Dear Tear” from 2016’s “Ureru Made Matenai” mixed in. Turning the clock back to her beginnings as a singer-songwriter, Satosaki performed “Tsumiki”, a song that she had written when she was 17.

Shifting gears to a simulated radio show and playing up to her talent for talking as she answered questions submitted by fans, Satosaki shared the fears she had as the months and days until the concert ticked off the calendar and her struggles in being all by herself in planning everything. At the same time, she admitted that the experience had taught her a lot. A request for her to perform her 2nd single “Datte ne”, a song she had written with the theme “idol song” in mind, brought the audience at Zepp Diver City to their feet as they called out and threw their hands out to her. Taking advantage of the large walkway in the middle of the floor, Satosaki ran out to high-five the fans hanging on the rails.

The trip down memory lane continued as Satosaki transported the audience to the tiny Kagurazaka TRASH-UP!! as she sat in the middle of the floor strumming her guitar and singing “Kawaita Kuki no Yoru ni”. Returning to the main stage, she strapped on her Gibson acoustic guitar for an impassioned rendition of “TOKYO TELECA”.

With the band back on stage, the performance shifted back into high gear with “TURE”, “Bone Break Girl”, and “Little Bee”. Apologizing for not having enough seats as she pointed out that there were people crowded at the back of the venue being forced to stand, Satosaki brought her set to an end with “End Roll”, the stage wrapped in deep red lights as her breathy vocals floated through the air.

Returning for the encore, Satosaki thanked the audience for coming to see her, explaining that she normally wouldn’t have been able to rent Zepp Diver City all by herself but was allowed to as the staff was willing to take a chance on a young up and coming artist and urged her to fill the seats. She shared some of the challenges she faced along the way as she personally sold tickets to the concert at every opportunity, joking that because of the “Zepp Diet” she had lost 7kg. Binding together her past and present, Satosaki performed “Kataru Castro”, a song from her days at Kagurazaka TRASH-UP!!, as a gesture of thanks to the fans and staff members who had helped her get to the biggest stage of her career.

A double encore brought with it several surprises, among them being the decision to compile a best of album and a declaration of becoming a major label artist, news which was accompanied by a shout from the audience. Although she had yet to receive an offer, Satosaki explained that she would become a free agent and consider any offers that would be made, comparing herself to a professional baseball player looking to change teams as she made her case to any record executives in the audience. Finishing the evening just as it had begun, with a second performance of “Sign”, Satosaki thanked the fans for a final time, leaving the stage as they called out “Shacho wa ichiban Kawaii yo!” (President is the cutest!).

In a world where artists come and go, where it seems everyday someone is making a major label debut or a disbandment/graduation announcement, Risa Satosaki has been steadily honing her craft, all while managing the business side as the president of her own agency. Will she become an artist remembered as a legend of the indies scene and a major label artist? Will she become the next Seiko Omori? Those questions have yet to be answered but, given her ambition and drive, it’s always too early to count her out. She is currently accepting inquiries regarding a major label debut at

Photos by Junko Azeyagi

Set List

01 Sign
02 Hot! Natsu! Summer~
03 Olive
04 Dear Tear
05 Shingo
06 410
07 Tsumiki
08 Datte ne
09 Kawaita Kuki no Yoru ni
12 Bone Break Girl
13 Little Bee
14 End Roll

E1 Kataru Castro

W1 Sign

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