Pizza and Cigarettes, Beats and Idols! Ichigo Rinahamu and nicamoq Form New DJ Unit BPM15Q!

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Pizza and Cigarettes, Beats and Idols! Ichigo Rinahamu and nicamoq Form New DJ Unit BPM15Q!

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It seems that being the reigning “princess of the strawberry country” is not enough for the hardworking Ichigo Rinahamu (ex-BiS/Akishibu project, aka Rina Yokoyama). After traveling all over Japan in support for her solo debut single and releasing her second single (thankfully with no ultimatum attached to it) “Hamu-Tail” on May 1st, she has now teamed up with DJ nicamoq from BURUMA CREW to form the “Self-Produced New Age DJ Vocal Unit” BPM15Q (15Q is read as “ichi-go-kyuu”)!


BPM15Q made their debut at “LIVE Plus FESTIVAL”, an all-day event with more than 100 idols, on May 31st at Shin-Kiba STUDIO COAST. The concept of the group is “yume-kawaii” which literally translates to “dream-cute” but, with such a word as “kawaii” that has subcategories as wide ranging as “ero-kawaii” (sexy-cute), “kimo-kawaii” (gross-cute), and “yami-kawaii” (sick-cute), that seem to increase daily, sometimes the differences between them can be difficult to understand. “Yume-kawaii” is characterized by a worldview that is similar to being immersed in a fairy-tale like fantasy world. Pastel colors, rainbows, unicorns, and light sparkly, shimmery colors make up many of the motifs of the look. Some examples of this look are Ichigo Rinahamu and former SKE48 member Kanako Hiramatsu who produces the brands Peaufiner and Honey Cinnamon. There is also a fashion magazine LARME dedicated to the latest in “yume-kawaii”.


In addition to her solo activities, which will continue, Ichigo Rinahamu has also been active as a DJ and collaborated with her friend Younapi (Yurumerumo!) to release the single “Kiramekiraririkaru” in 2014. The first song from BPM15Q “BPM15Q (nicamoq Remix)” was released on nicamoq’s SoundCloud page once they received 159 Tweets in support of the new project.

BPM15Q will be in Nagoya on June 20-21 at Sound Note Nagoya and return to Tokyo to appear at Shibuya LOUNGE NEO on June 28. In the case you are unable to attend either event, be sure to follow both Ichigo Rinahamu and nicamoq on Twitter and support them with the CHEERZ app! Every month, the 3 most popular idols on CHEERZ will be interviewed by Tokyo Girls’ Update and the #1 ranked idol will appear on our NHK World program!

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