Rie Kaneko Experiences Shibuya Heartbreak in the MV for Hajimetal’s “GIRI GAL”!

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Rie Kaneko Experiences Shibuya Heartbreak in the MV for Hajimetal’s “GIRI GAL”!

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Miss iD 2015 Grand Prix winner and current member of LADY BABY, Rie Kaneko plays a schoolgirl sending a message to her cheating ex in the MV for “GIRI GAL” from Hajimetal‘s new album “Super Solo 2” (release date: August 26)!

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Scenes of Rie riding the train, walking the streets of Shibuya, and playing around in a love hotel while sorting out her feelings. The music jumps all over the place, as expected from someone who goes by the well deserved title “Keyboard from Hell”, perhaps reflecting the complex and intense feelings of a teenager coming to grips with the disappointment of a failed relationship.

Also featuring Rie on vocals but, mostly focused on a very sweaty hiroponn, who shows just how crazy people can become due to the heat and humidity of Tokyo during the summer. Rie and Mishio Ogawa’s delicate vocals are in sharp contrast to the building tension of the music and hiroponn’s spoken word poetry reading, making for one of the most unique summer songs ever recorded!

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In addition to being released in CD format, “Super Solo 2” is also available on iTunes worldwide! While many of you may know of Hajimetal as the person who played keyboards on LADY BABY’s debut single “Nippon Manju”, he has an impressive resume which includes writing music for SCANDAL, Yufu Terashima, and KANIKAPILA. Check his site for more details!

Track List

1 Introduction
2 Hardcore Summer Vacation
4 Love & Peace Generation
5 Ewige Wiederkehr
6 Life is like a roller coaster
7 The End Of Nostalgia

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