LADYBABY Announce 3rd Single “Renge Chance!” and 1st Oneman Live in Japan!

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LADYBABY Announce 3rd Single “Renge Chance!” and 1st Oneman Live in Japan!

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LADYBABY have announced details about their 3rd single “Renge Chance!” (release date: April 13) and having their first oneman live in Japan at Shinjuku BLAZE on April 15, 2016!

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“Renge Chance!” has been produced by Mofuku-chan (Dear Stage, Niji no Conquistador) with lyrics by Kenji Otsuki (Kinniku Shojo-Tai) and music composed by NARASAKI. “Renge Chance!” and 2 other new songs “C’est si bon Kibun” and “School of Hard Knocks” (Romanization may not be correct) were debuted during their December 30, 2015 sold-out two-man live with Death Rabbits at Shinjuku ReNY alongside their live band Cawaii Chaos (KARI).

Even though LADYBABY has been to New York, Los Angeles, Germany, and the UK, they have never had their own oneman live in Japan until now! Even more impressive is that it will be at Shinjuku BLAZE, a venue capable of holding about 800 people! Most groups aren’t able to have a solo concert there until they have worked their way though a series of smaller venues!

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If you have already gotten your copies of LADYBABY’s first 2 singles and still need to see more while you’re waiting for “Renge Chance!”, Ladybeard is guesting on Shiori Tomita‘s cover of the idol classic “Valentine Kiss” (release date: January 20), Rei Kuromiya appears in Kanae Higashi’s short film “Heavy Shabby Girl” and Seiko Oomori’s MV for “” and the cover art for the regular version of that single with Rie Kaneko.

LADYBABY 1st Japan Oneman Live
April 15, 2016 (Friday)
Shinjuku BLAZE, 1-21-7 Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo

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