[Report] S/mileage ”Samui ne” Release Commemoration Mini Live “Ayacho keep singing while stage power down accident.”

[Report] S/mileage ”Samui ne” Release Commemoration Mini Live “Ayacho keep singing while stage power down accident.”

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Ayacho keep singing while stage power down accident.

[S/mileage] ”Samui ne” Release Commemoration Mini Live @Ikebukuro Tokyo

Nov 30, 2012

Clear and cold (samui) in the evening, getting colder towards night.

First, please let me explain what “release commemoration live” is.
Unlike a concert, buying a ticket is unnecessary. In addition to free live, we can face,
talk, and even shake-hands w/ idols by just buying CD single.
To a wonderful thing, the more CD you buy, the more times you can face idols.
The situation leads some wotas competing hard.

This time, it was held on the roof-top of the tall shopping mall at Ikebukuro, Tokyo.
Because of the place, not only wota, but many visitors of the shopping mall were in the
same place together. Families, boys&girls in various school uniform,
after-work men&women in suits, with necktie, people in wota-T-sirts were not majority.

The rehearsal began in that kind of environment. We could see S/mileage dancing and
hugging in warm big black coat.

Here’s the mini live set list:
“Watashi choi to kawaii urabancho”
“Samuine” (short ver.)
“Choto mate kudasai”
“Yume miru fifteen”
and “Samuine” (full ver.)

During mc, Kanon revealed her happening episode with emotion, that she once had cried here in the roof-top at the time of another S/mileage release event.
However, incident happened again this time. The power supply about the stage fell while they
were performing last song, “Samuine”(full ver.)

Ayacho kept dancing pretend everything is alright, when rest of members were panicking.
Then they immediately tried their best to entertain audiences, by seeing who can make the loudest
noise without mic. (Meimei won)

In conclusion, it was good to see S/mileage (and stuff) always tried to get everybody’s attention whether audiences are wota or “normal customers”.
When all CD they prepared was sold out, everyone around the stage smiled and crapped hands!
Eventually, the event ended with heart-warming atmosphere.

Thank you reading till the last. matane~^^



written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

I lost my way in life due to the hiatus of Berryz Kobo.

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