The Mixture of “Gravure” & “Cosplay”! Rena Takeda Opens New Gravure Frontiers!

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The Mixture of “Gravure” & “Cosplay”! Rena Takeda Opens New Gravure Frontiers!

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Rena Takeda, who is gaining more and more attention with her cute face and acting skills, appears in swimwear cosplay on the cover of Weekly Young Jump combined issue for 37 & 38 which was published on August 10th.





She is said as “the most talented girl in Weeky Young Jump history” and made an exceptional debut appearing both on the cover and inside with bikini on February 2015. Eventually it resulted that she was the girl who appeared the most in the magazine during 2015.
In the latest issue, she cosplay as Yomi from RPG game “Taga Tame no Alchemist”!


The cover picture is her with white swimsuit sitting on the poolside, and it bring new feeling of the mixture of “gravure” and “cosplay”.


How lovely and fascinating….

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