Runner’s〜Pai Week 9:Mask Maid

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Runner’s〜Pai Week 9:Mask Maid

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The “Runner’s Pai” series of videos featuring gravure models running on a treadmill in bikinis takes a slight detour with Mask Maid!

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Instead of the usual bikini, the 9th installment features a maid outfit since Mask Maid is a maid from Akihabara who wears a mask and DJs, does choreography, and a bunch of other things (none of the jobs listed any of the usual duties of a maid though). Directed by famous photographer Yasumasa Yonehara (米原康正) and set at Hanazono Room (aka “that pool”, rei no pool, 例のプール).

The song used in the video is “Ikiteru” (生きてる) by NATURE DANGER GANG. The next episode will be released on August 19th so don’t let it pass you by!

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