“intohersoulgem”, a Never Before Seen Experience-Based Cosplay Photo Exhibition !!

“intohersoulgem”, a Never Before Seen Experience-Based Cosplay Photo Exhibition !!

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On April 11th, 12th, 17th, 18th, and 19th, 2020, the hands-on cosplay photo exhibition “intohersoulgem” organized by Shovel Chopper will be held for 5 days at Studio AO in Sumida-ku, Tokyo.

The photo exhibition combines cosplay photos with spatial effects to create an unprecedented “new experiential exhibition” that immerses you into the world of the works.
On April 11th, cosplayers such as popular cosplayer Sayuki will participate in costume. There will also be a photo-taking event.

On the 2nd floor of the exhibition, the ceiling wall has been broken to create a space in the ruins of concrete, and in the special booth there will be a photo spot for visitors to take a picture of the inside of Seoul Gem, where Shovel chopper (@shovel_chopper) took a picture and space designer shir0xxx (@white0314noriya) created a booth, combined with works by video creators.

During the exhibition, a workshop will be held in which experts from the cosplay photography industry, up-and-coming young cameramen, sculptors, and designers will fully explain their insights and perspectives.

Reservations can be made from the website.

Be sure to experience a new form of cosplay exhibition !!


【Official Web site】

April 11th, 2020(Saturday) 11:00-22:00
April 12th, 2020(Sunday) 11:00-21:00
April 17th, 2020(Friday) 18:00-22:00
April 18th, 2020(Saturday) 11:00-22:00
April 19th, 2020(Saturday) 11:00-21:00

Studio AO
Higashimukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
131-0032 Japan

Studio AO Official Twitter:@studio_ao


Please check the date, time and participation fee on the website.

Usagi Gogatsu
Molding lecture with Usagi Gogatsu (@n_h_molding)
This is a lecture by Usagi Gogatsu, who is also involved in a workshop on art modelling and costume.
In this interactive course, all participants can try their hand at molding.

Photography lecture by Ujiie (@yasu42)
How Ujiie take photos with his unique outlook of the world?
Learn everything from the introduction of old lens to the shooting and developing of photos!

Photo and synthesis course by Ketaro (@ketaro_ovn)
Ketaro continues to lead the world of cosplay photography.
Learn everything from setting during shooting to retouching after shooting based on the past commentary books!

Photographing and developing course by Saudon (@mokokorone)
This is a photographic development course by Udon-san, who has an outstanding sense among young photographers.
You can take your own photos of the model on the rooftop and see everything from there to developing and finishing the picture!

Retouching synthesis course by NAGATY (@nagaty528)
This is a seminar by Mr. Nagaty, a proletarian who regularly holds workshops by distributing a Photoshop commentary book at Comiket.
I will teach anyone to do simple retouching based on the past photo shop guide book!

Design layout course by TOMOZO (@tomozouamerico)
Learn the basics of layout and design in making a photo book, using reference materials including the layout book distributed in Comiket 97. This is a must-see if you want to make a photo book from now on!

A course on how to make a photo book by Mashi (@massig).
How have creative photo collections of the past been made?
Using the C97 “CAMP, HOI!!”, you can learn everything from planning to finding a shooting location, from preparation to shooting, developing, layout and how to choose paper!

Molding course with Wasabi (@wwwwwwww8)
This is a molding class by Wasabiya, who has been active as a wasabi shop and has been running at the top of special molding.
This is a course in which participants are invited to participate learn how to create simple shapes with Wasabi.

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