The Call of “Rena-chan” Don’t Stop Resounding in Her Last Handshake Event

The Call of “Rena-chan” Don’t Stop Resounding in Her Last Handshake Event

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Today, SKE48 held a handshake event at Kyoto Pulse Plaza in celebration of their 17th single, “Coquettish Jutaichu”.
It turned out to be the last handshake event for Rena Matsui, who will graduate from the group at the end of the month, so when the event ended at 7:20 pm, the entire venue was engulfed in a call of “Rena-chan”.


While enjoying her last time, she expressed her feelings of thanks to the fans.
“With today being my last handshake event, I wondered how I would feel, but it was very fun, and hearing everyone say ‘see you again’ with a smile on their face as they shook my hand, made me very happy.
I have been able to shake the hands of many people, including those who came here today, as well as those who could not.
I have received a lot of power from those handshakes, and I hope I will be able to repay that energy by giving everyone a fun show to remember at Toyota Stadium on the 29th, 30th, and during my last performance on the 31st.
Furthermore, I hope I can continue to repay everyone with my activities from here on out.
In order to share a good time with fans, all the current members are working hard to put on a fun show at Toyota Stadium, and we can’t wait for you to come and see us.
So, I am really looking forward to the 29th and 30th.”


The call of “Rena-chan” did not stop resounding until she left the venue.


img_SKE48_RenaMatsui_LastHandshake_01SKE48 official website :
Graduation of Rena Matsui special page :


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