Ready for New DIANNA☆SWEET? The 2nd One-Man Show “Renatus” Was the Concert to be Reborn

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Ready for New DIANNA☆SWEET?   The 2nd One-Man Show “Renatus” Was the Concert to be Reborn

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DIANNA☆SWEET, an idol group base in Nagoya, held their 2nd one-man concert titled “Renatus” at Harajuku Astro Hall on April 11th.

The group is mainly active in the Nagoya city that is away from the bustle place, Tokyo. It may be one of the reason that the venue was filled with peaceful atmosphere, and there you could feel a gentle togetherness (a sense of unity) even before the show starts. “Today’s performance will be the best”, I grasped a certain sense when I stepped in the venue.

Time flies, about 5 months passed since the group held their 1st one-man concert back in November 2014. In the MC section in the beginning, the group’s leader Fuka Nagayama enthusiastically commented, “Today, I’d like you to be a witness of our progress!”

Fuka Nagayama

Fuka Nagayama

This concert was an important stage for the group’s history. Yurina and Rinon, who had been support members from July, 2014, was going to leave DIANNA☆SWEET to concentrate their activities in the sister group PREDIANNA. So, that was the last time fans can see their performance in the six members. Moreover, it was the very first day the newly reborn DIANNA☆SWEET with the new member Momoka Okamoto performed in front of the fans.

From the beginning with the up-tempo tune “SPIDER LOVE”, nobody couldn’t stop the groove. Then, they performed the songs which they only sang in early phase of the group, like “Hug you! Hug me!,”“Please Stop Loving You,” and “Shy boy.” Fans roared and made big applause to this. It felt like they were going to show their whole history to reborn as new DIANNA☆SWEET. They showed enthusiasm for renewal and overwhelming evolution of the performance compare to the early days. Although they’re young group, but their history has a lot of drama and fans could share the touching stories with members.
1曲目に披露されたアップテンポチューン「SPIDER LOVE」から勢いはノンストップ。序盤に「Hug you! Hug me!」「Please Stop Loving You」「Shy boy」など最近のライブではほとんど聴くことができない活動初期の楽曲を3曲連続で披露するとファンからはどよめきと大きな歓声があがった。新生DIANNA☆SWEETへ生まれ変わるため、自分たちの歴史を全て見せたい。そんな彼女たちの意気込みと、当時と比べると圧倒的なパフォーマンスの成長が感じられ、まだ短い活動期間ながらドラマの多いグループの道のりを改めてファンと共有できた時間だった。

Their sister group PREDIANNA, and derived groups DIANNA☆M, DIANNA☆A also showed the vigorous performance one after another. As Nagayama commented, all the performance were magnificent ever, as each member’s personalities were well-balanced, and their progress as a team was proved to all the audience there. PREDIANNA performed “TRAP” which is going to release as their first song on April 15th (iTunes Only), “Let me alone” and “Secret Party.” As they named “PRE”DIANNA after “Premium” of DIANNA project, their premium quality of the songs and highly-trained staging skill shocked audience. If we think of the performance of their early days from now, their speed of growth is lightning. We should pay high attention for them from now and for the future.
続いて、姉妹ユニットのPREDIANNA、派生ユニットのDIANNA☆M、DIANNA☆Aの楽曲が次々に披露された。永山の言葉通り、メンバーそれぞれの個性がバランスよく発揮され、チームとして成長した証明と言わんばかりの圧巻のパフォーマンスだった。4月15日にiTunes限定リリースされる「TRAP」に加えて「Let me alone」そして、この日初披露となった「Secret Party」を披露した、PREDIANNA。グループ本格始動から数ヶ月しかたっていないとは思えない、楽曲のクオリティの高さと、ステージングの完成度の高さで、観客を驚かせた。結成当初のパフォーマンスを思うとPREDIANNAの成長スピードはまさに驚異的と言える。今後が楽しみなユニットである。



In the middle of the show, “There are only 3 songs left we perform in this 6 members”, Azumi Suzuki said. Then, the members turned their back on and prepared for the next song. Soon after the intro of “GO AHEAD” started, members looked back at the audience. It was apparent to everyone that members already shed tears. “GO AHEAD” has positive lyrics like “Every time go ahead!”. It also has a strong performance as raising their fist together with call & response. That just seemed to symbolize that they were going to start over towards each way. In the following song, “Fight”, everyone in the venue may describe the same thought on the lyric “Keep running, and catch a dream. Fight!”. Then, finally, they put a peaceful end to the six members peroformance with the song “Kimi wa Dare Oshi!? Hakujou Shi China!”, the one you can feel so DIANNA☆SWEET.
ライブ中盤、「6人で披露する最後の3曲です。」そう言い残し、客席に背を向けてスタンバイをするメンバー。「GO AHEAD」のイントロとともに振り返った瞳には、涙が流れていた。
「Every time go ahead!」という前向きな歌詞とコール&レスポンス、拳をメンバー全員で突き出すパフォーマンスは、別々の道を歩み始める彼女たちを象徴していた。続く「Fight」では、「走り続けて夢掴むんだFight!」という歌詞に、会場にいる全員が同じ想いをなぞったことだろう。最後は「キミは誰推し!?白状しチャイナ!」で、DIANNA☆SWEETらしく明るくステージを終えた。


After they wrapped up the last performance in 6 members, DIANNA☆SWEET members conveyed each gratitude to Yurina and Rinon. All members were overcome with emotion, and shed tears each other. To enter the new stage of each, the eyes of members reflected strongly the anxiety as well as the confidence that they achieved through the activities up until now.

img_DIANNA_2ndOneMan114 img_DIANNA_2ndOneMan111

The stage changed scenes in the dark, then a video of new DIANNA☆SWEET including the new member Momoka Okamoto was projected on the screen. Finally, the time for performance in new formation had come. The group performed “SPIDER LOVE” again with the additional member to reset the drive of the concert. At this moment, they set a new point of departure. As we recall, the older team starts with the song when Yurina and Rinon started to belongs to the team. The repetition of the ending and rebirthing, this spiral process make them more beautiful and stronger. SPIDER LOVE would be the song of beginning new era of their repetitive story. DIANNA☆SWEET got cooler impression due to the uneven number formation that looks solid. Moreover, they extended their range of expression with performing the new song “Aitaiyo”, a swing tune has a mature taste. The first performance of the new member Okamomo (Momoka Okamoto) also gave a good impression to fans, it was impressive that she looked not nervous but brave. She was obviously welcomed as a member of team “DIANNA☆SWEET”.
いったん会場は暗転し、新メンバー岡本桃香を加えた新生DIANNA☆SWEETの映像とともに新展開がアピールされた。後半はいよいよ、岡本を加えた5人体制でのパフォーマンス披露となる。再度、「SPIDER LOVE」が披露され、ライブはこの瞬間にリセット。新たな体制での出発地点となった。思えば、由莉奈とりのんが加わった旧体制の一曲目もこの「SPIDER LOVE」から始まった。終わりと再生を繰り返し、その循環の中でより強く、より美しくなっていく。DIANNA☆SWEETの反復する物語の新たな幕開けである。5人体制でのパフォーマンスは、奇数ゆえの立体的なフォーメーションでカッコ良さが増しており、大人な雰囲気でキュンとするスィング調の新曲「会いたいよ」では少し背伸びをするような、それでいてストレートな恋心を歌い上げ、表現の幅の拡がりも見せた。新メンバー「岡桃」こと岡本桃香のパフォーマンスは、緊張感よりも清々しい表情が印象的で、あえて探す必要がないほどチームの中に溶け込んでいた。



In the encore section, all of the member appeared on the stage again. Then, 9 members performed “Hatsukoi Revolution 2015”, the best song of true love (gachi-koi) in idolsphere, so that the atmosphere of the venue reached out the climax. The voluminous 2nd one-man concert was fully packed with “current” DIANNA☆SWEET wrapped up in a successful conclusion.







DIANNA☆SWEET is gathering strength day by day. During the one-man concert, upcoming release of their 5th single (currently untitled / release month : July, 2015) was also announced. Above all else, their solid songs and each member’s personality are the definite attractive features of the group. In addition to that, the sense of unity between the members and the fans always makes the best atmosphere. It’s almost ideal for the value of idol. The live also would be the unveiling ceremony for new stage producer Mr. Hashimoto who is producing Party Rockets and Otome Shinto. The fabulous performance by him will be the evidence for expectation of their glittering future. The 3rd one-man concert is set on September 5th at Shibuya WWW. I’d love to yell for DIANNA☆SWEET from the bottom of my heart, while being looking forward the next concert and their further success.
ライブ中にサプライズで5thシングル(タイトル未定:2015年7月発売)の発表もあり、ますます勢いに乗るDIANNA☆SWEET。何よりも楽曲の良さと、メンバーそれぞれが持つパーソナリティ。そして客席との一体感が最高のステージをつくる、アイドルとして理想に近いステージを披露してくれる彼女たち。Party Rockets、乙女新党、そして@JAMの総合プロデュースを務める橋元氏がライブプロデューサーとして加わった新運営体制のお披露目ライブとしても、これからの展開に大きな期待をもたせてくれるライブだった。3度目のワンマンライブは9月5日、渋谷「WWW」で開催される。次回のワンマンまで、さらなる飛躍を遂げるだろうDIANNA☆SWEETに無心なエールを贈りたい

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