DIANNA☆SWEET newly formed to three members released 6th single “Superhero”. Four trainees joined this November and they will celebrate five years as a group next year. TGU had an opportunity to interview Mana Wakaba from DIANNA☆SWEET who is attracting rising attention.


-DIANNA☆SWEET after becoming three members has done live shows and seems to be settled well as a group. Has anything changed in you after becoming three members?

Wakaba: Well, I think each character is getting more fixed now than when we had more members. Like, Fuka is dependable, Azumin, I don’t know, she is something more of a sophomore disease character and Mana is not the youngest but I am kind of a baby sister character.


-What about the audience’s reactions? Has it changed?

Wakaba: A lot of fans say they like new DIANNA☆SWEET. Of course there are many fans who still don’t know about new DIANNA☆SWEET. But I am very happy to hear people say that we are getting better after becoming three members and also I really appreciate that fans continue to come to our live shows.


-I can see you are more confident in your performances recently. Did you have a change of heart or something?

Wakaba: You know, performing with fewer members definitely weakened the impact. I think each of us should be more perfect in dancing and singing so that we can give more punch. I am trying hard to show myself big.


-A new member YURAI joined PREDIANNA and also trainees entered DIANNA☆SWEET. So you are rather older in the DIANNA project, aren’t you? Are you getting along well with the new members?

Wakaba: Yes! We are getting on great! Actually, we talk a lot (laugh). I am especially chummy with Hinata, the second grade student. You know, Hinata is the same name and age as my own younger sister so I care for her (laugh).


-Do you look after other junior members as a senior?

Wakaba: I give advice when asked, like “What should I talk between songs”. But I am not sure if my advice is helpful for them…. (laugh).

-So everyone in the DIANNA project counts on three of you, right?

Wakaba: Yes ! (laugh)


-Can you give advice to the trainees and your junior members?

Wakaba: Well, I think your heart may break off or you sometimes have difficult times but I want you to survive and hang out. I cheer self up and also ask my mom for advice when I feel discouraged. That’s how I do to keep going. I believe the best thing is to ask someone for advice.

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-Then please give a helping hand to your juniors.

Wakaba: Of course. Please come to me with a problem!

-You recently had a birthday. How was the birthday event?

Wakaba: It was so much fun. I was really happy.


-D☆S is in the 4th year now. How are you feeling about being as an idle so far?

Wakaba: In the first place, I liked idles but I didn’t mean to be an idle. I really liked singing and dancing so I casually gave it a try. But it didn’t work well at first. I found it very difficult to sing and dance at the same time. Of course it wasn’t that easy but I am very happy to continue until today because many patissiers are supporting me.


-At the birthday event, you didn’t know what “ambition” meant so you couldn’t answer it. Now that you know what it means, please tell us you ambition as a seventeen.

Wakaba: It means “something I want to keep trying” right (laugh)? I think new D☆S with three members is relatively unknown yet so I want to keep trying various things so that new D☆S will grow popular.

-And also please tell us D☆S goal for 2017.

Wakaba: We continue our regular scheduled performances but we haven’t filled the hall to capacity yet. So we keep our best to have more people come to our regular performances and to fill the venue in 2017. I’d like to meet more and more people. That’s our goal for next year.


-And also give your message to fans overseas, please.

Wakaba: I know some people overseas say “I like the tune of D☆S”, and we have fans from overseas to our shows. I want them to introduce D☆S to friends and keep supporting us!

-We got some questions from your fans who recommended you.

Fan: D☆S will celebrate five years and you will be 18 years old next year. It can be your turning point. What would you like to try?

Wakaba: Of course I want to keep acting as a group and also I am very much interested in being a model to promote myself. I’d like to be in the TV commercials as a model Mana Wakaba. I really enjoy solo activities so I‘d be happy if I can release a calendar or photo books of myself.


Fan: Do you have dreams such as appearing in dramas or magazines?

Wakaba: Yes, I want to walk the runways as a fashion model. I would rather be a fashion model or an image model than appear on TV. I want to try on variety clothes.


Fan: Are you conscious of Yumemiru Adolescence?

Wakaba: Yes, I really admire Yumemiru Adolescence so I want to be both an idle and a model.

-Do have any particular magazine in mind?

Wakaba: The fashion magazine “Seventeen” because my favorite models are in it.

-Oh yes, you have just turned seventeen, right. Thank you very much for today.


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