Q’ulle Jump into Summer With the Sunny Seaside MV for “HEARTBEAT”!

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Q’ulle Jump into Summer With the Sunny Seaside MV for “HEARTBEAT”!

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Dance rock group Q’ulle have released the MV for their 3rd single “HEARTBEAT” (release date: May 13)! Set on a sandy beach under blue skies, it’s a carefree and light summer song which takes the group in a new direction artistically after their previous single “MONSTER”, which was darker and fiercer.

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Q’ulle released the “ura PV” version of the MV on YouTube for 24 hours on April 1st and the feel of it was vastly different, with the members walking through the backstreets of Tokyo while being pestered by their mischievous masked backing band. The video ends with the 5 members of Q’ulle standing at the entrance of Kitanomaru Park and looking at the Nippon Budokan, one of the legendary venues in Japan that every artist yearns to one day perform at.


“HEARTBEAT” will be sold in a deluxe edition and a regular edition. The deluxe edition includes a DVD with the MVs for “HEARTBEAT” (“ura PV” and “Odottemita” versions) and the coupling song “Chain”, a “documentary of Q’ulle” which covers the recording and dance lessons for the 3rd single, director’s cut coverage of release events for their 2nd single “MONSTER” and 1st DVD “1st One Man「mic check one two!」LIVE” (release date: March 18), and highlights of an in-store live for “MONSTER”, as well as a randomly selected postcard featuring one of the members of Q’ulle, and an official Q’ulle cheki holder (holds 80 cheki). Once again, those who purchase the CD and/or DVD at Chara-Ani, Tower Records, HMV, or Village Vanguard will receive extra items which include assorted postcards with pictures of the members of Q’ulle on them. As if that wasn’t enough, they will be starting their national 6 city tour in June and releasing their 1st album “Q’&A ‐Q’ulle and Answer‐” on June 24 so expect there to be a lot of exciting things to come from Q’ulle this summer!

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Q'&A -Q'ulle and Answer- / Q'ulle
Q'&A -Q'ulle and Answer- / Q'ulle

“1st One Man「mic check one two!」LIVE” DVD

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