No More Tears! Q’ulle Keep Moving Forward in the MV for “DRY AI”!

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No More Tears! Q’ulle Keep Moving Forward in the MV for “DRY AI”!

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Q’ulle fight through the rainy days of life in the strong-willed MV for their major label 2nd single “DRY AI” (release date: August 2)!

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Footage of Q’ulle performing with a band is mixed in with dramatic scenes of the members dealing with the hardships that tend to creep in when least expected. Given how quickly Q’ulle rose in popularity since their debut in late 2014, they must have a lot of experiences to draw from as they keep moving forward.

will be released in a CD/DVD/VR viewer limited edition, CD/DVD limited edition and a regular CD version. The VR viewer version also includes a DVD with the MV for “DRY AI” and the live VR video for “PARTY ROCK!!!!!”. The CD/DVD version includes the MV for “DRY AI” and behind the scenes videos for “DRY AI”, “PARTY ROCK!!!!!”, and “Kimi to Boku”. The bonus tracks for all versions are “PARTY ROCK!!!!!” and “Kimi to Boku”. Q’ulle began their Live Tour 2017「Re:birth」on April 2nd at TSUTAYA O-EAST with 22 other dates on the schedule before they return to Tokyo for the finale at Zepp Diver City on October 22nd.

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DRY AI / Q'ulle
DRY AI / Q'ulle
DRY AI / Q'ulle

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