PREDIANNA Release Fearsome MV for CD Debut Single “DESTROY”!

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PREDIANNA Release Fearsome MV for CD Debut Single “DESTROY”!

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Lesser groups beware! Nagoya’s pocket-sized dance and vocal unit PREDIANNA have unleashed the ferocious MV for their 1st CD single “DESTROY” (release date: October 28)!

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Many may know Rinon and Yurina as former support members of their sister group DIANNA☆SWEET but, they have been making their way into the spotlight on their own along with the rest of the members of PREDIANNA. In their first release since the addition of Chihiro, PREDIANNA showcase the premium performance skills that earned them their name (the “pre” is for “premium” and not a suffix indicating that they are in the process of becoming).

“DESTROY” will be released in 3 different versions with 3 different coupling songs: “Lovely Body” (Type-A), “TONIGHT” (Type-B), and “ZOMBIEM” (Type-C). In order to promote the single, PREDIANNA will be holding a free live at Shibuya GLAD on October 11 where they will be performing “ZOMBIEM” for the first time. If you can’t be there in person, it will be broadcast on SHOWROOM as well so don’t miss it!

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PREDIANNA Debut Single “DESTROY” Hatsubai Kinen Free Live
Shibuya GLAD
October 11, 2015 (Sunday)
Open: 1:30pm Start: 1:45pm
Free (+ 1 drink minimum)

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