Nagoya People’s Love For Miso Never Stop! DIANNA☆SWEET Tries Miso-Flavored Karaage

Nagoya People’s Love For Miso Never Stop! DIANNA☆SWEET Tries Miso-Flavored Karaage
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In Nagoya, fried chicken will be Miso-flavored. DIANNA☆SWEET challenged tasting the Miso-Karaage (Miso fried chicken) in Oosukannon, the largest shopping street in Nagoya.

Members of the idol group of Nagoya “DIANNA☆SWEET” will introduce you the fascinating aspects of Nagoya through Dear NAGOYA. This time, Mana Wakaba (Maachan) from DIANNA☆SWEET and Momose from PREDIANNA will show you around Osu Kannon.

The Nagoya cuisine is called “Nagoya Meshi”, and although the chicken wing and fried pawns are most famous, the food of Nagoya is known for having a lot of Miso-tasted foods. Miso Katsudon (pork cutlet served on top of a bowl of rice), Miso-flavored udon, Miso Manju, Miso Oden, Miso Bread, Miso Cookie…making everything miso-flavored is one significant characteristic of the food of Nagoya.

Now, why does Nagoya make everything miso-flavored? In the Sengoku period, making miso, a fermented food, flourished as a preservation meal for war in Nagoya that produced many powerful samurais. Moreover, Nagoya is still famous for being the producing area of miso, particularly aka-miso, which has a distinctive flavor. The miso in tubes are also sold in supermarkets, so it might be a nice idea to buy one as a souvenir when you come to Nagoya!

This time, the two girls from DIANNA☆SWEET will challenge the Miso Karaage that is also popular among tourists, at the main store of the Karaage specialized shop “Karaage Ayane” in Oosu shopping street, the largest shopping area in Nagoya. There are three stores of “Karaage Ayane” in the Oosu shopping street, and it is accessible from anywhere in this street. They won grand prix at Nagoyameshi Hakurankai, the largest gourmet contest in Nagoya. The Karaage of this shop is super famous, and it even has 8 menus just for karaage!


The two girls ordered the “Miso Karaage” and “Karaage Ayane”. Both cost only 500 yen despite the large amount! Nagoya is the locality of “Nagoya Cochin Chikeen, a famous chicken brand, and this store also uses the highest grade chicken. In addition, an adorable girl who looks like an idol works at Karaage Ayane. How wonderful is it to be able to eat a karaage fried by a cute girl like her!

dear-nagoya-karaage-04dear-nagoya-karaage-05 dear-nagoya-karaage-06 dear-nagoya-karaage-07

Maachan and Momose had their karaage inside the shop. Their first reaction of the miso karaage was “…I’ts so hot!!”. Yes, the karaage just fried may be hot so it might be a better idea to wait for a while until it loses its heat. Since the karaage will be in a cup, you can eat around while walking through the streets.


When the two girls were wandering the streets after they had the delicious karaage, they happened to meet some people making Nagashi Somen (flowing noodles), and decided to help work on it. Somen is a traditional Japanese meal in which you flow somen through a bamboo toi, catch it with chopsticks, and dip it into mentsuyu to eat. It seems like the two girls have a big appetite today. Please look forward for the next Dear NAGOYA!


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Karaage Ayane
Address : Osu3-19-12, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Nearest Station : Kami Maedu
TEL : 052-261-1326



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