“Pokémon GO Theme -Hachioji P Remix-” Raises Your Trainer Spirits!

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“Pokémon GO Theme -Hachioji P Remix-” Raises Your Trainer Spirits!

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Hachioji P, a world famous vocaloid producer, DJ, and music composer, has released “Pokémon GO Theme -Hachioji P Remix-” to celebrate completing his pokedex on Pokémon GO! Congratulation Hachioji P!

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The music is based on Pokémon GO sound track and you’ll get excited to hear such a cool remix if you’re Pokémon GO trainer! Cute Pikachu’s voice, the sound of checking in Pokestop, and collecting items from Pokestop…!

He has been mentioning that he’s very addicted to Pokémon GO on his social media, and now his dream came true! The video has released on October 19th, but he completed the Pokedex almost a month ago. Wow!

Recently we hear some people are already tired of playing Pokémon GO, but listen his music and raise your Pokémon trainer spirit again!

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